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Don’t Fall Behind By Not Updating Your Workspace


One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a workspace operator is considering your technology and services as something that is “nice to have”. While it’s important to stay lean and be cost efficient, failing to upgrade your workspace can prove to be costly in terms of using your resources as well as being able to retain your members.

You should look at upgrading your workspace as an investment for keeping ahead and making the most of your location. It’s important to maintain your space for the best results in your employee workflow, productivity, collaboration, and morale. It always boils down to one question: are you working for your space, or is your space working for you?

Workspace Technology

You may be surprised how much a simple thing like Wi-Fi connectivity can make a difference. If your members have less bandwidth and speed in their section of the workspace, or can’t have their needs met during peak usage time, they may find themselves able to find another space to keep up with their needs.

It’s also important to keep your operations efficient. Members entering a Coworking space are looking for services that are updated in real time. It’s not only possible, but cost-effective, to have a workspace management platform solution for Coworking software to help manage the needs of your members. In 2017, many Coworking spaces have enabled themselves to automate the process of onboarding, conference room booking, billing, as well as a myriad other task. If you cannot keep up with a solution for providing these services efficiently and in real-time, you will fail to meet your members demand and miss the opportunity to take on more members.


Online Presence

If you’re not online not only do you run the risk of being invisible, but also living in the shadow of your other competing spaces. Social media is the first step in showing your space to the public. It’s an essential tool for featuring your interior, putting a spotlight on your members and partnerships, as well as organizing events for people who have never been to your space before. Social Media also keeps tabs on your prospects as well as temporary hot-desking clients who want to know about special occasions and promotions.

It’s not just updating Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr, either. It’s important to list your business online so that it can be accessed through local search. By leveraging your address online through Google, you can engage prospects looking for your space without even having to meet you. For more information on how you can leverage your location online with an up to date address, please check out our ebook, SEO for Coworking: Step by Step.


Space Utilization

Does your space provide to meet the demands of your members in terms of having quiet areas for focusing and concentrating, open spaces for collaborating, areas for events as well as large group meetings such as lectures and seminars, and places for socialization? Within these allocations, are there private offices with openings for new companies to move in?

It’s important to be observant of how your space is used. If you don’t make an adjustment to prevent bottlenecks and provide for equal access to shared resources, the problem will snowball itself as more members get involved. Your floorplan should also allow you to have insights into the energy utilization of your space. If you can find a solution for areas that are wasting energy as well as spaces that are unused by your members and staff, you can turn it into an opportunity to fortify your workspace culture into something that adds to the experience for your members.


Updating your workspace is critical and essential to the growth and survival of your space. It’s an investment into your own success that can provide cost savings and employee efficiency as a few of the significant returns. It’s always essential to revisit the services you offer members, your online presence as well as how you’re utilizing your floor. Don’t let any of these issues be a reason for staying behind on the chose to Coworking excellence. For more information on how WUN’s services can update your workspace quickly and efficiently, please click the button below.