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Improve Member Engagement With These Tips & Tricks


Engagement in Coworking is a powder keg that at any moment could explode in ways that boost morale, creativity, productivity, and opportunities. It doesn’t just transform members, but the space itself as well. While it’s impossible for a shared space operator or community manager to force other members to work together—this isn’t middle school—there are a series of actions they can take to help foster the environment toward great collaboration and cooperation amongst members and staff.

Here are three tips for improving member engagement within a workspace.

Use Technology To Bring People Together

It’s ideal to find the technology that specializes in bringing people together. The best technology for Coworking spaces is the technology that breaks obstacles in allowing different members to collaborate on a project. It’s ideal to find a digital solution, such as a workspace management platform, capable of fostering collaboration, sharing documents, and offering a bridge for social collaboration. By keep a place to record the contributions of a team, you can extend the reach of members. Virtual collaboration should also be used to enhance real life collaboration. To account for the person to person network, it’s important to design accordingly with interaction and technological collaboration involved.

Create Events

Special events in a Coworking or shared space do not have to be grand, planned out events. Anything that brings people in the office together is an event, even if it’s just bringing food, drinks, or healthy snacks. It could be through surveys, presentations, wine tastings, or just by having members do product giveaways. There are many opportunities for your members to get to know each other, know their interests and you can fine-tune a solution to bring the neighborhood together.

Give Your Members a Voice

Encourage your members to gain a sense of pride and ownership in the workspace. By making them feel as though your success is their success, and vice versa, you can allow for your members to personalize certain areas of the workspace and put a face on the community. This is essential if your workspace and community is one that encourages artistic collaboration. By having your members contribute to the design and aesthetic of the space you can make your community one that is organic. It doesn’t just have to be design, it could also be music being played in the space or having a newsletter that highlights the achievements of the members of the community. Based on what maximizes the experience for your members, there’s always room to be creative.

Member engagement is ideal to the evolution of your members as well as your space. By opening paths for members to build bridges you can provide a fertile environment for community to build itself and take the space into the next level. We’ve seen great success from operators who have used championed technological solutions for bringing users together, creating events on the fly, and giving their members a say in the design and function of the workspace. For more information on how WUN helps build community and enhance member engagement, please click the button below.