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Coworking for Corporations: Collaboration, Community, Cost-Efficiency


Coworking has provided corporations with a model that is more liquid, flexible, and modular.  By incorporating this model, large businesses have been able to increase their revenue, drive greater innovation, and overcome operational barriers. There is a growing number of corporations interested in adopting flexible workspace strategies for greater profitability and opportunistic growth. Whether they are renting spaces in existing Coworking spaces or introducing Coworking centers within their own facilities, this strategy provides corporations with new options to explore growth that are innovative and cost-effective.

The Cost-Effective Benefits For Corporations in Coworking

Globally, 66% of desks and offices in corporate sit empty resulting in unnecessary costs to big companies that can certainly add up. However, through an innovative Coworking management system corporations can utilize software for hotdesking and room booking as opposed to having each staff member with a designated personal desk. This can save up to 30% in operational costs, granting companies greater flexibility.

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Driving Innovation Through Coworking Management

The inherent advantage to operating within a Coworking space is that it provides a lower-risk, higher-reward avenue for innovation. Beyond the boundaries of start-ups and freelancers, Coworking creates a spirit of openness that attracts unique opportunities. One of these opportunities involves extending their footprint and creating a bridge toward attracting the uniquely talented, millennial-age, freelancers who operate within the “gig” economy. Many of these freelancers seek to work the way they want, when they want. By shedding the stale corporate culture, Coworking creates an atmosphere that best attracts this kind of talent. By having the right flexible office solutions in place, corporations and freelancers can customize the way in which they work together. This increases interaction and welcomes collaboration between all parties, creating a more energized and motivated workforce community.

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Disrupting Culture and Overcoming Operational Challenges

Less bureaucracy, more big ideas. Similar to how traditional office designs can make employees feel confined, having poor workspace management software can equally hinder collaboration and community. With the right tools in place, corporations can further disrupt operational challenges by having the technology to allow employees to work from a different desk each day, check-in when they want, and checkout when they have finished. The result is a more efficient workforce that thrives through an atmosphere that caters to creativity, open communication, independence, and balance. By allowing new forms of interaction corporations can transform their stale corporate culture: transforming monotony into motivation.

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