Shared Space

Why You Need CRM for Your Coworking or Shared Office Space

One of the essential features for the success of a coworking or shared office space is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. A CRM system allows you to manage all of your business relationships as well as interact with your existing and future members, which are all essential in improving communication, staying connected to your […]

2020 Coworking Trends – PM Expo, Toronto

At the 2019 PM Expo event in Toronto, Yardi Kube hosted a breakout session in conjunction with iQ Office Suites, the third largest coworking space in Canada. Dale Hersowitz, Yardi vice president of coworking, and Kane Willmott, CEO of iQ, shared the stage to discuss the prevalent coworking trends from a Canadian and global perspective. […]

Shared Workspace Technology Trends

When it comes to shared workspaces, we know technology is one of the driving forces behind a successful location. Let’s take a look at some of the most important workspace technology trends shaping the Coworking industry. The Internet of Things What is the IoT? Basically its the wide scope of interconnected amenities we use daily to send […]

Shared Workspaces VS Coworking Spaces – What Are the Differences?

The difference between a shared workspace and coworking space can be confusing, especially with workplaces such as business centers, executive suites, shared spaces and serviced offices, which provide members with a similar experience. The difference between a shared workspace and a coworking space can vary between the vision of the space, the goals and needs […]