Shared Space

Shared Workspaces VS Coworking Spaces – What Are the Differences?

The difference between a shared workspace and coworking space can be confusing, especially with workplaces such as business centers, executive suites, shared spaces and serviced offices, which provide members with a similar experience. The difference between a shared workspace and a coworking space can vary between the vision of the space, the goals and needs […]

A Guide to Making Smart Office Technology Decisions

Smart office technology transforms the workplace into a rapidly-responsive, operationally efficient, interconnected office. Smart offices are no longer the exception. With demand spreading like a wildfire, this is the new standard of the office of today. In 2016, a study funded by Dell and Intel found that 80% of millennials cited technology in the workplace […]

Improve Collaboration and Creativity with Coworking

One of the very rewarding aspects of being a member in a Coworking or shared space is the creativity you develop and the sense of community that is built as you improve collaboration with other members. As we’ve spoken about before, the number of workers who are turning to Coworking is only growing. Naturally, so […]

Coworking: Building a Thriving Community

As the Coworking industry continues to grow and evolve, it seems like the word community has stayed a constant among the most important factors in running a successful space. For our new ebook, ‘Coworking: Master Guide to Building a Thriving Community’ we spoke with three industry experts: Lori Speiss, CEO of OffiCenters; Lori Hamilton and […]