Shared Space

Improve Collaboration and Creativity with Coworking

One of the very rewarding aspects of being a member in a Coworking or shared space is the creativity you develop and the sense of community that is built as you improve collaboration with other members. As we’ve spoken about before, the number of workers who are turning to Coworking is only growing. Naturally, so […]

Coworking: Building a Thriving Community

As the Coworking industry continues to grow and evolve, it seems like the word community has stayed a constant among the most important factors in running a successful space. For our new ebook, ‘Coworking: Master Guide to Building a Thriving Community’ we spoke with three industry experts: Lori Speiss, CEO of OffiCenters; Lori Hamilton and […]

The Importance of Updating Conference Room Technology

One of the most important elements to having a professional, modern workspace is a great conference room with cutting-edge technology. It can be overlooked, but think about how often you’ve been in meetings before where the projector didn’t work, or the wi-fi connection went down or some cables weren’t plugged in correctly. Little issues like […]

Improve Member Engagement With These Tips & Tricks

Engagement in Coworking is a powder keg that at any moment could explode in ways that boost morale, creativity, productivity, and opportunities. It doesn’t just transform members, but the space itself as well. While it’s impossible for a shared space operator or community manager to force other members to work together—this isn’t middle school—there are […]

5 Reasons Why Startup Preferred Shared Space

Success in shared spaces may not be exclusive to startups, but startup companies have certainly thrived within these environments. While startups have provided shared spaces with an abundance of opportunities, startups have found the perfect environment tailored to their specific needs. It’s been such a perfect match that the two models have appeared interchangeable in […]

There’s A Reason Why Workspaces Use IWMS: Here They Are

Integration towards a smarter workspace extends beyond automation and making your workspace more efficient. Through an integrated workspace management system (IWMS), you can have all your systems in place for customer management, conference room booking, invoicing, and internet and voice usage. Workplaces that are better interconnected already have their sights set on the future, with […]