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Best Coworking Spaces in Philadelphia


Philadelphia is home to plenty of coworking spaces made with a unique mix of collaboration and flexibility. They are efficient, work for the benefit of the user and ensure that they provide a productive and friendly environment for anyone looking to work from such a space. With great locations, unique designs and workspace solutions meant to accommodate everyone’s needs, here are some of the best coworking spaces in Philadelphia.

Bond Collective – Center City

Google Maps Rating: 5 Stars

What members love about it: Our clients and partners love to come and visit because they think this is the best coworking space in the area – I agree.

Located in the heart of City Center, in none other than the iconic Suburban Station, Bond Collective is dedicated to delivering a truly unique experience to its users. With 24-hour access to conference rooms, coworking, dedicated desks and private offices, users can find everything they need to get their work done from an inspiring place. The space features a mezzanine lounge, a wraparound terrace with amazing city views and even a quiet study to ensure people have a place to pause between meetings and work. For more information on how to become a member and a full list of features and amenities, check out their website.

Indy Hall Clubhouse at 709 N 2nd St.

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars

What members love about it: I have tried so many coworking spaces that claimed you were ‘joining a community’ and Indy Hall is the only one that lived up to that promise.

Indy Hall is dedicated to offering users more than just a coworking space – they are offering a community. While you can have access to a modernly designed office space with all the necessary features and amenities to work productively, it also offers plenty of social events, online spaces for users to interact with other users and activities meant to bring everyone together after work. Click here to find out more about their membership options and how to join their community.

Kismet Cowork – Chestnut Hill

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars

What members love about it: It’s an amazing place! It’s quite comfortable, well-designed and has all you need for a place to work!

Kismet Cowork is dedicated to providing a coworking space for anyone looking for productivity and a community. From entrepreneurs to startups, remote workers and freelancers across Philadelphia, this coworking space is ideal and comes with cutting-edge amenities and flexible membership plans that can meet the needs of any work schedule. It is an inspiring workplace that supports a comfortable and friendly work environment and provides users with networking events meant to allow users to build connections and help improve the space with suggestions and feedback. For more information about membership pricing, check out their website.

Task Up

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars

What members love about it: Very affordable modern and cozy space.

A modern coworking office space, Task Up is ideal for those looking to work from a fully equipped, centrally located office space that allows members to make one-time reservations or take advantage of monthly memberships. Users can choose from flex desk passes, private offices, conference and workshop rooms or virtual offices, depending on their needs. Click here to find out more about pricing.


Google Maps Rating: 4.7 Stars

What members love about it: This place is fantastic! I take pride in being a member of the Industrious community. That’s just what it is, a community.

Located in Philadelphia’s most vibrant neighborhood, Industrious at Avenue of the Arts is a flexible coworking space on the iconic South Broad Street. It is ideal for solopreneurs and small and medium-sized teams looking for coworking, private offices and on-demand meeting spaces. It comes with luxury amenities and a breathtaking view of downtown, as well as being in the proximity of the historic Rittenhouse Square, ideal for taking a break in a lush green space just blocks away from the office. For more information about pricing and membership, click here.

Pipeline Philadelphia Coworking & Shared Offices

Google Maps Rating: 4.7 Stars

What members love about it: Office share with an amazing view. Great meeting spaces.

Pipeline is a high-design flexible workspace used by many independent professionals, startups and teams from small and large businesses. Different from other coworking spaces, it is a purpose-built environment that provides members with a variety of areas to focus, collaborate, learn and innovate at any given time. It comes with 24/7 access, high-speed internet, gourmet coffee, teas and water, color printers and video conferencing, to name a few. For more information about why Pipeline is the space for you, click here.

American Executive Centers

Google Maps Rating: 4.7 Stars

What members love about it: AEC-Center City is an incredibly great office to work in.

American Executive Centers offers solutions for teams of all sizes in a furnished and fully wired space with exactly what users need. It comes with state-of-the-art meeting rooms, online virtual assistants, personalized phone answering & business addresses and users pay only for what they need. Ideally located in the center of Philadelphia, find out why American Executive Centers is an ideal office space solution for your needs.

The Yard – Philadelphia Coworking Office Space

Google Maps Rating: 4.6 Stars

What members love about it: It provides a professional workplace without feeling too stuffy or pretentious and also is a big step up from some of the more casual coworking spaces in the city.

Located in the historic Steele building, The Yard: Center City features the best of Philadelphia coworking. With shared and private office spaces and common areas in a focused work environment, it is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation. It also offers panoramic views of the city center, making it a great office space solution for those looking to get their work done in the heart of Philadelphia. With plenty of office memberships, check out their page to find out all the pricing information.

WeWork Office Spaces & Coworking

Google Maps Rating: 4.5 Stars

What members love about it: The staff is super nice and love working here when visiting!

Located at 1900 Market Street, this WeWork location is ideal for those looking to work from a uniquely designed, central building in the heart of Philadelphia. The top floor occupied by WeWork wraps around an enormous, sunlit winter garden, offering users everything from phone booths to conference rooms and coffee bars with private offices for teams of one to 70 people. For more information regarding all membership and workspace options, click here.


Google Maps Rating: 4.5 Stars

What members love about it: Great all-inclusive conference center. Excellent customer service.

Located at 30 South 17th Street, Convene City View doesn’t fall short of its name, offering breathtaking views of Philadelphia’s cityscape and landmarks. It is the ideal venue for hosting corporate meetings and events as well as being the ideal workspace for anyone looking to get their work done from an office. The workday experience comes with the best design, hospitality services and amenities, all meant to support a productive and collaborative work environment. For more information about pricing and memberships, check out Convene’s website.

CIC Philadelphia

Google Maps Rating: 4.5 Stars

What members love about it: CIC has everything you need in a co-op space. It’s always clean and quiet. Great workspace.

CIC Philadelphia comes with state-of-the-art facilities meant to allow its users to get their work done, whatever that may be, from a unique and productive environment. Just steps away from UPenn, Drexel University and a growing network of hospitals, this coworking space may lean more towards a certain niche of users, however, its coworking and private offices are available for anyone who needs them. For more information about pricing and memberships, click here.

Methodology: We compiled this list by looking at Google Maps Ratings for coworking spaces across Philadelphia and selected the best rated according to Google Reviews aggregate scores. Google Maps Ratings shown in this article are valid as of August 2023.

When necessary reviews have been edited for clarity.