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New Opportunities Through Expression

Just a few days ago we had this little thing in our backyard called Art Basel. If you’re not a Miami person, you probably don’t know how much of an international phenomenon it has grown to become. Art Basel is a once a year festival where galleries and exhibitions ignite the South Florida streets a unique beauty of it’s own. That, and there’s a bunch of crazy parties and stuff… Okay, it’s really hard to explain what Art Basel and the more you try to ask about it the more confused it gets. So instead I’ll just hit you with some facts: According to this recent article, Art Basel 2015 featured 267 leading international galleries from 32 countries. It’s not uncommon seeing pieces sell for $400k-$1 Million. 

With an office located in the Downtown Miami area, we got to enjoy some of the festivities right from our own backyard:

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Being the Coworking and Shared Workspace Enthusiasts that we are, we’ve grown to appreciate being surrounded by expression. When it comes to inventing new ideas for a new kind of workforce, we prefer the ambience of chaos. So much that since moving to our new digs deeper into downtown Miami, we wanted to match the energy of our city. So we hired renowned Miami Artist and Muralist, Marcus Blake. To provide the 305 vibrance within these new walls.

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Over the years we’ve found that Coworking spaces tend to feature newer styles of art because the space isn’t tied to a specific company or brand message. In doing so, the workspace is open to express itself in a way that best inspires and influences their tenants. As a provider of technology solutions specific to this industry, we’ve done installations around some serious aesthetic. With this freedom workspace operators are truly empowered to make the most of the experience from the architecture and beyond.

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Furthermore, many of these shared workspaces are located within a city’s art district. In Miami, for instance, we’re a short walk away from Wynwood–a neighborhood that has it’s own subculture within itself. In fact it was the art of Wynwood that laid the foundation for one of our Miami clients: The LAB Miami. 

The benefit extends to artists as well. For many startups and companies operating within a shared workspace, hiring various artists and designers on a freelance basis is almost a necessity to these businesses. Suffice to say, the “gig” economy has created some sort of marriage between the startup business and the artists of tomorrow–both sharing the mutual desire to break the mold. At Yardi Kube, we’re about enhancing the experience. We love the art of the places we serve. It’s our philosophy to make the most of our clients with technology that is accessible, encompassing, empowering, and yet non-intrusive to the aesthetic and atmosphere.