A More Powerful Coworking Platform: The New WUNHD Redesigned


Rebuilt. Rediscovered. Re-imagined.

We are ready to take it to the next level for 2017. We’ve redesigned the front end user interface of the WUNHD platform from the ground up. Based on the feedback from both our customers and engineers, this new facelift will go the extra mile in connecting users and improving functionality.

Engineered for Community

We designed the interface and function to enhance the community-feel for the end user. This new interface provides a more accessible means of connecting the customer with a complete solution to address their specific needs–including third party integrations and the overall functionality of our expanding platform. For instance, we wanted to improve the communication within the workspace. One of the ways in which we did this was by granting the ability to brand your workspace as it’s own entity. With new email template and design options, you can customize your messaging with new HTML features.

We’ve also included Direct Guest booking. All guests need is just an email confirmation to directly book a space. This also includes options for checking in, cancelling, and making changes to their reservation.

Some of the other features include:

  • A New Master Calendar for the Front End, Customer, and Reseller Portal, respectively.
  • Mobile Booking with all features accessible via smartphone.
  • Real Time Availability for both present and upcoming dates.
  • Improved booking features.

To get the full grasp of these new features, we proudly offer online training through the knowledge base of the portal.

Designed for convenience and convergence, we’re excited to see how our new features will empower your workspace. We are ready to take the “smarter” workspace to another level. If you currently don’t use the complete WUNHD platform click the link below to schedule a demo.