Secrets to Success with Smart Office Software Integration


Once you have all your systems connected and synchronized, you may breathe a sigh a relief that the hard work is over. It most likely was a lengthy process comparing different providers and working with them to create a solution tailored to the needs of your workspace. You waited patiently and finally got the system running and you should be proud.

With proper integration of all of your technology (billing, doors, WiFi, voice, member portal, etc) in your shared space or Coworking space, you can increase cost savings, productivity, as well as member satisfaction. The key to doing this is by connecting with your members, connecting with all your systems, and using your technology to make your space more available to your members. Here is how it works.

Enhancing the Human Connection With Your Smart Office

It doesn’t matter how much of an innovative system your deploy if it doesn’t work for your members. If your technology platform is not well suited for your member, your plan will fall flat on its face. If integrated properly you’ll find a reduction in the time your staff will need to dedicate toward assisting members within the space. One of the key components to any Coworking software is a client portal or member portal. The Client Portal will increase communication with members and allow them easily review activities. A Client Portal, as well as other features, was created to simplify the relationship between operators and members. By better connecting with the members within your space, you can take better control of all relationships within the workspace.

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Synergy Between the Systems

Your smart office should save you time and simplify all processes. If your systems are not in sync and connected through an integrative Coworking software, you will lose time and resources on having to go between different technologies to get the answer you’re looking for. The secret to success is to ensure a seamless experience between all your systems.

For instance, if you have a calendar program such as Outlook and it isn’t coordinated with your meeting room booking software, you’re going to struggle. Just by automating the simple task of having meeting room reservations update the calendar, you can save countless hours that would otherwise be spent on manual processing and clearing up confusing scenarios of a similar nature.

To take it further, if you and your members rely on several mobile applications in an average day, it’s critical to make your system as “plug and play” as possible. By centralizing the process of connecting applications, you can have accurate data of how much your users are using your data with the ability to pull a report in real time. Having this type of integration not only saves time, but it helps ensure strategic decision making as you go along.

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Several operators and workspace leaders view integration as a massive headache and hurdle to get over. To make the most of your integration, the secret is to have it expand on the way the technology enhances the workspace.

For instance, having 24/7 keyless door access is an amenity that cannot be understated enough. It not only allows your members the ability to work and stay working past the traditional business hours, it also provides great security, safety, usage statistics, as well as the convenience of not having to replace a lost key.

You can use your technology and integrate it through the entire experience by having solutions in place for automated billing, a client relationship management system, as well as programs for managing business proposals as well as setting up remote access to snail mail for your members. By having the proper integration in place, you and your members can open themselves to new opportunities through increased availability and efficiency.

It’s imperative to take the time with your technology, prioritizing integration as much as anything. With the proper systems in place, and connected, you can create a seamless experience when it comes to managing members and the overall operation. Integration is best when it enhances the human experience and the relationships between members and operators, connects all systems together with a central solution, and increases your availability to meet new opportunities and overcome obstacles. For more information on how WUN can transform your smart office, click the button below.