Why You Need to Invest in Employee Well Being


Employee well being is an increasingly important factor when measuring the strength of a company. It goes beyond providing medical and dental coverage, employee wellness in 2017 boils down to one question: what are you doing to improve the lives of your employees?

We have found that employees are more loyal to a company that they believe adds value to their life. Companies aiming to build long-term relationships with their employees put an emphasis on wellbeing as well ensure the importance of employee wellness similar to other standard benefits and perks.

Providing for employee well-being leads to attracting better talent, increased employee retention, and stronger company loyalty. Here is why it’s one of the most important investments in today’s workplace.

Improved Retention, Attendance, and Loyalty

Taking certain actions, such as offering schedule flexibility, paid time off, and encouraging time away while working in a 24/7 environment can significantly boost the morale and motivation of your employees. The workers adopt a mentality that caters more toward doing their job rather than working to keep it. If your employees are passionate and motivated, they will increase their performance and productivity. This also decreases absenteeism and improves employee turnover as your employees are now more motivated to come to work with absolute certainty that their work/life balance is in good hands.

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Becoming Part of a Brighter Future

Some companies tend to offer unique perks that go beyond benefits and rewards. These perks are investments into the future of their employees. Take for instance some companies in the retail/grocery industry who offer scholarship reimbursement programs for workers taking college classes relating to business management. By doing so, these companies are investing in providing additional training for their employee, who may end up staying with the company and excelling up the ladder through managerial roles.

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Lifestyle Improvement

If the perception of your company is one that improves the lives of their employees, it can do wonders. The word often spreads fast, attracting other talented workers to come and join the team. Beyond flexible scheduling and investing in one’s professional growth, providing extra tools to help employees improve their lives as well as their health can go the extra mile in bringing out the best in your employees. Some companies include employee health and well-being as part of their business objectives with their employees. They also have leadership programs as well as special events and retreats to help make the office a more comfortable place to work. One other idea is to give employees the chance to improve the company by providing an incentive to coming up with a great idea to change the office. This option can prove to be very fun when employees get involved, often resorting to a crazy social media campaign or something internally that transforms the mood of all employees.

Investing in your employee well being can prove to be mutually beneficial to both parties. Employees want to work at a place that lets them tackle tasks at their best time, invests in their future, and strives to play a stronger role in improving the lifestyle of the employee. For more information on how WUN can help workspace managers invest in employee well being and increase their member retention, please click the button below.