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How Will A Smart Office Make Your Life Easier


Working within a smart office is more than hip, it’s practical. Beyond the fancy new screens, sleek user interfaces, and futuristic décor, there are new underlying processes that makes the smart office a more productive, efficient, and collaborative place to work. As an operator or a member, a smart office makes business life more connected. A smart office simplifies living by providing improved avenues for management, a more connected experience, and a streamlined membership process.

Improved Management: Speed and Accuracy

The smart office can replace virtually hundreds of manual processes within an office, freeing up significant time and resources. Through automation the smart office can process billing, keep records in with immaculate accuracy, and collect valuable information relating to your guests and members. The magic word for all this is “real-time”. Through a smart office system you can capture data in as it comes with options for instant reporting and analytics to help make better decisions.


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More Connected Experience

The Internet of Things has created a demand for offices to continue evolving.  Defined by Wikipedia as “is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data” the benefits to the IoT goes beyond Wi-Fi and providing fast internet connectivity. Smart offices can connect all devices including company smartphones, tablets, digital signage screens and more.  All technology can be connected reliably, more efficiently, and with little to no friction going from one place to another. The advantage to utilizing The Internet of Things is that it allows members to manage and control their experience to find what is most valuable to them.

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Streamlined Membership Process

A smart office provides members with unparalleled flexibility throughout all steps of the process. Through the touch of a button and a quick online payment, members can sign in, check in, and book the space they need for work and conferences. There are also options for automatic payments for easier fulfillment of invoices. Furthermore, through a smart office a member can jump on a call and collaborate with varying remote parties. With the integration provided through a central workspace management platform, various collaboration systems such as email, messaging, and file sharing all be accessed in seconds through an online member portal. Providing an intuitive avenue to connect all individuals makes your members more productive and empowered to collaborate with one another.


The smart office affords convenience, connectivity, and productivity, creating new opportunities throughout the entire process. With time and resources that would otherwise be spent conducting manual processes and bridging data between systems, the smart office can change an entire office’s culture through a solution that saves money, frees up new resources, and boosts member satisfaction. For more information on how WUN’s solutions increases revenue, maximizes productivity, and builds community, please click the button below.