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How Visitor Management Software Will Benefit your Business


Many businesses still use manual visitor management tracking, such as log in sheets or visitor tags. Although the simplicity of it still works, owners and members alike can benefit from visitor management software. Using software to track visitors is going to provide many benefits to your Coworking and shared space, such as added security, efficiency, and professionalism.


The ability to track who is in your facility quickly and accurately is a major security benefit. It’s very easy to miss a sign out on a paper tracker, or input the wrong information. The right software will leave no doubt as to who is in your workspace, at what time, who they’re meeting with, and for how long, using a real time dashboard. Also, you can choose to safeguard your office further by limiting access to certain visitors and easily generate reports to review and analyze visitor data.


Boost front desk efficiency by streamlining the check-in process and allowing visitors to easily sign in using an iPad. Visitors can enter their name, nature of their visit and who they are visiting, and your member or front desk will be notified instantly via text or email. You can set notifications to let you know when someone has arrived or departed. All of these features save time and effort, and is an added benefit to the visitor as well.


There is an undeniable look of professionalism when you have the right visitor management software as opposed to paper tracking. Impress visitors with a customized iPad design for sign in to showcase your branding, whether it’s a simple logo or a friendly welcome message. It gives your visitors confidence, it helps you scale up or down as needed, and is customizable to fit your workspace needs. And the right software will enhance your image with professional visitor badges, digital check in, and safety measures in place in case of emergency.

A robust coworking management software is going to be flexible and scalable to adapt to your needs. It will help create a positive first impression while saving your team time, and it will be a short-term investment for a long-term financial savings. To find out the ways Yardi Kube can help your business, please click below.