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The Importance of Updating Conference Room Technology


One of the most important elements to having a professional, modern workspace is a great conference room with cutting-edge technology. It can be overlooked, but think about how often you’ve been in meetings before where the projector didn’t work, or the wi-fi connection went down or some cables weren’t plugged in correctly. Little issues like these can hurt the image of your space, and can be quite time consuming and frustrating for your members or guests.

What you need

Wireless connectivity – Whether its Apple TV or Google Chromecast, using flat screen tvs and streaming devices has replaced the projector in many modern workspaces. If your room can accommodate a large wall-mounted TV, and surround sound, all members will benefit from this.

Online booking system- With the demand for conference rooms in Coworking spaces, it’s important to have an online booking system to streamline reservations, check-ins, changes, and cancellations.

Seamless access control- Keyless door entry is a very important component in today’s shared spaces. You’ll be able to manage and control who has access to a building or a specific conference room, as well as maintain high levels of security from anywhere, anytime.

Digital  Payment System – If necessary for your specific space, adding this to your conference room would be ideal for accounting and payment purposes. It saves time and is extremely user friendly.

How it will help

Conference rooms have long served as the central ground for business, where people meet, collaborate & brainstorm in a face-to-face setting.  Technology has made these activities more efficient, sophisticated and accessible – especially for remote workers. In today’s business environment, laptops, smartphones and tablets are crucial to productivity, so it’s only logical that your meeting room equipment is advanced enough to be able to be integrated with them. Updating conference room technology is an avenue for your Coworking and shared space to enhance its member experience by providing the tools needed for productive meetings. To learn more about how Kube by WUN can help improve your conference room technology, please click below.