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Thriving through Coworking Space Benefits


With the Coworking industry continuing its rapid growth, it’s important to realize why so many people are thriving in a non-traditional work environment. It’s benefits are way more than just open workspace! Many coworking spaces have meeting rooms, private offices, recreational areas, and more for their members to enjoy on a daily basis. Here are 5 reasons why individuals and businesses are thriving in coworking spaces.


Using a coworking space allows you to network freely. Many of these spaces combine people working in different industries or specialties, allowing for the exchange of ideas, concepts, and practices that will benefit you and your company. An open workspace also creates an environment more conducive to conversations, whereas cubicles and offices may prevent some of that.


Many coworking spaces are located in desirable areas.  Sara Fustine of Think Big Partners recently stated at the Office Evolution Conference, “people have to want to work somewhere, and they want access to the best neighborhoods in town.” In big cities, these prime locations would often be unaffordable for small businesses using traditional offices with high rent. Recent trends indicate that having access to a coworking space is more than just a perk. Being centrally located boosts your business’ image, as well as improves your networking ability.


With access to shared space 24/7, flexibility is a big reason businesses thrive in the coworking industry. Whether you need meeting rooms, room to expand, or scale down, using shared space lets you control what’s needed and when you need it.


Another benefit to Coworking is the added incentives that can come along with being a member. Many spaces offer their members access to outdoor spaces and after-hours networking. Some host social events, while others offer yoga classes or fitness areas. The happier and more comfortable you and your team are, the better you will work together.


Perhaps the biggest reason companies are thriving using shared space is the ability to cut costs and invest in growth instead of high rent /overhead expenses. You don’t pay for more space than you need. No matter the size of the company, cost savings through shared space will positively affect the business.

According to a recent study done by Convene, 67% of businesses globally are choosing forms of flexible workspace as a long-term plan, not just a temporary solution. The boom in this industry isn’t slowing anytime soon. These are just a few of the reasons why the number of people thriving using Coworking spaces is growing by the day.  If you want more information on how WUN can help you get started in Coworking, please click the link below.