Questions to Ask Before Investing in Workspace Management Software


As a consumer, you have questions you want answered before making an investment. The right software for your coworking space is vital in building a community. It streamlines your most tedious and time consuming processes, and has an impact beyond just your space.

Here are 6 questions that will answer the most pressing details before choosing the right workspace management software for you.

1. How can I manage my leads/members?

Eliminate the need to manually track and manage your leads and members.  The right software will help increase productivity by automating the sales process – stay on top of leads and close more opportunities, increase client retention by keeping all of your member’s information organized and easily accessible.

2. Can you help me automate my billing?

Billing is the cause of frustration for many. Yet, as we know, its essential to any business, regardless of industry. It’s important to use a workspace management software that generates and tracks invoices automatically. Maximize efficiency, minimize paperwork, and reduce manpower.

3. How can your software help increase revenue?

Through features such as online booking and ecommerce, you can easily sell and package your services to members both online and in-person.  In addition, the ability to generate real time reports that can help you identify trends to ensure your workspace is optimized for revenue and growth is key.

4. How can I utilize your software to build my community?

Creating relationships is vital in any business, and especially in Coworking. The right software can help build a community by delivering a completely seamless experience that helps your members be more productive and stay connected.

Features to consider are member directory, messaging, online meeting room booking and the ability to customize services.

5. Does your software integrate with other systems?

With as many links, passwords, and systems as managers have to deal with, integration is vital to choosing the software provider best for your business. Again, it has to do a lot with efficiency, but the ability to streamline apps, and have all your tools in one place, is a huge key in purchasing the best management software.

6. What type of support do you offer?

Is there customer support available 24/7? Does the software provider do onsite visits and training and is there a charge for them? Are you based locally and/or have agents and engineers in my area? Am I going to see improvements to the software over time to keep up with demands?

At the end of the day you want to make sure all the services offered by any company align with your goals. Do thorough research and you’ll find the best possible workspace management software for your business.

The Yardi Kube platform not only provides all these benefits, but many more. To find out more about how Yardi Kube helps you get the most out of your Coworking space, please click below.