Coworking Space Marketing Plan for Growth


With more competition in the Coworking industry than ever before, it’s become more and more important to market your space effectively. Below we’ll discuss a Coworking space marketing plan for growth, some tips which are fairly straightforward and others a bit more outside the box.

I understand that a ‘marketing plan’ for a Coworking space may involve minimal to no available budget. Especially in the infancy stages of your space. Therefore…

Be creative with your marketing strategies! It’s a reflection of your space and of you as operator. The main goal is to draw new members into your location. Keep in mind they could potentially be choosing between several options within the same area. Make yours stand out!

Talk to People!

How simple is this? Don’t underestimate the value of simply having a conversation with someone and promoting your space.

Whether it’s in a social setting or a networking event, never stop promoting your space. Casually. Not like a car salesman.

Just by interacting with someone, you can get your message across without sounding pushy. It seems a bit outdated, but we often bypass messages on social media or on emails with more ease than we’d dismiss a sincere conversation.

Quality Website

If you have a limited budget and need to focus on one aspect of marketing, focus whatever dollars you have available here.

Make sure there is contact information easily available (multiple contact options, if possible). Continuously update the website with upcoming events at your space, current pricing, industry news, and pictures that positively portray a great Coworking community.

Build a powerful, impactful logo. It will be the most recognizable aspect of your space and once you’re at the point where other websites feature your logo, it needs to stand out among many competitors. Make sure the name of your space is prominent in the logo.

Host Events

Your space can be so much more than just a Coworking location. You can get tons of new faces walking through the door when you have public events in your space. Some suggestions:

If one of your members does yoga or is into fitness, see if they’d like to host a class in the space.

Host a singles party. This industry is full of young energetic professionals looking for a great way to meet someone new.

networking event at coworking space

Organize a happy hour where members can invite their friends. Self-explanatory. Who doesn’t love a Friday happy hour after a long week?

Offer free pass days. Promote one day per month or per quarter where you give out a free day pass to non-members. It’s a simple way to get them in the door in a normal work setting and let your space promote itself.

Offer a Child Care

If its feasible in your space, this is one of the perks that’s becoming more and more popular in Coworking. Spaces throughout the country are targeting parents who want/need to work from home because they have young children. Work and Play has had tremendous success with this as their core business model. It gives a viable and exciting alternative to that target market.

Social Media

You knew eventually this would be on the list. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are the fastest way to reach vast audiences and the right demographic (for the most part).

Make sure you are using social media correctly. Engage with other locations, with your members, and with key players in the industry such as GWA and GCUC. Shares and retweets go a long way in making your brand visible to those who hadn’t seen it before.

Spotlight Members

This is a really cool idea that’s easy to implement, and has worked really effectively for Make Shift Boston. They wanted to feature their members who basically just do awesome work. So every week they post a picture of a member on their social media sites and what they love about the Coworking space.

The posts feature a membership discount offer and a link to join. And if you have the budget to do a promoted post on any of the social media sites, that’s even better.


When a financial budget is not available, bartering can be a tremendous asset for the growth of your space.

Consider partnering with a local website or blog, for example. Their freelancers or bloggers can use your space, and you in turn get an ad on their site for an agreed upon amount of time.

Talk to your members. If any of them are involved with graphic design, SEO, public relations, or anything else of benefit to your space, it could be a great place to barter.

Also, consider that the possibility for new bartering opportunities could arise from getting new members into your space. Members who were initially drawn in by… a bartered ad, for example.

Word of mouth via members

Your members can and should be your biggest asset. If you operate a great space, which creates a strong sense of community among members, and is a fun atmosphere for everyone to work and socialize in, they will do the talking for you.

Your members will be proud to spread the word via all these methods we just discussed. They’ll enjoy bringing friends to an event in your space, leading a class, or promoting your social media posts.

The key is to never think you’re too big to do the little things. Talk to people, interact with members, and encourage positivity. Spotlight the great work by your members. And use social media to your advantage even if it starts small. Be dedicated and take the time to build your brand.

Be sure to build a website that communicates every important aspect of your space to a potential member. And creative incentives for members to refer friends.

Like we said, certain elements to marketing will require some financial push behind them. But the vast majority of these strategies just require time and dedication.

Check out how our platform can be the driving force behind a great Coworking space and how WUN can improve the experience for your members.