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How to Find Members with Coworking Technology


Coworking is a rapidly growing trend that is certainly here to stay, as we know. The number of people using shared spaces is growing every year, and managers of these spaces need to know how to continue to attract these potential clients. It starts with technology. The most appealing Coworking locations are going to be the ones that provide the most up to the minute amenities for their members.

Reliable Internet

This is the number one key to attracting tenants, as well as keeping those already in your space. If you don’t provide reliable, super-fast internet speeds, there’s no way members can appropriately complete tasks in today’s work environment.

Video conferencing is as popular as ever before and it requires the necessary internet speed and reliability in order to meet the needs of users. Uploading and downloading large file sizes is a daily task for many members, and also requires consistent, strong internet connection. You need to make sure that the internet connection is the same whether on a physical cable or on WiFi. There’s no way around this. If your internet connection isn’t ideal, your ability to attract new members is going to suffer.


Technology is boosting the extra add-ons we use more often than ever. Remember there are times when the people you’re targeting could prefer to stay home or find a local coffee shop. There needs to be perks to draw them into your space.

Some Coworking locations are offering sound proof conference rooms. Others have keyless access entry to the office, or specific meeting areas. Security systems are a valued asset to many members. Assets to help make the space more comfortable, shouldn’t be overlooked, such as remotely controlled lighting and thermostats. Any modern amenities you can add to your space to boost its appeal, is often valued above the more immediately visible features like the furniture you have available or the décor of the space.

Mobile Apps

We can literally use an app for anything nowadays. It’s only logical that your shared space offers apps for members as well. As I referenced earlier, you can offer an app that facilitates keyless access into the office or into any of the rooms within it. Automated billing apps are extremely helpful in saving time as well as manual effort. Scheduling apps help members book meeting spaces, visitor times, and conference calls. If your space isn’t keeping up with the increasing use of apps, it will not hold as much appeal to potential members.


As we know, Coworking thrives on a sense of community. It’s the feeling of unity and motivation members feel that draws them in just as much as the technology your space provides. Technology can drive that community feeling though. Use the fact that your Coworking space is seamlessly connected to your advantage. Offer social events to all members after business hours. Set up webinars or video conferences for members to attend, ideally hosted by other members. Find ways to reward your most loyal members, and encourage using social media to promote the benefits your space provides.

At the end of the day, in Coworking as in any business, its imperative to use technology to boost your success, and to draw new members in. Social media is a critical tool to reach people and locations previously not available to you. Give someone a reason to want to work in your space and not at home, and that all starts with the technology and assets that cant be matched at their other options. Yardi Kube delivers a complete Coworking and technology platform, reliable internet, and many other features to improve your space. To speak to a workspace specialist, please click below.