Improve Collaboration and Creativity with Coworking


One of the very rewarding aspects of being a member in a Coworking or shared space is the creativity you develop and the sense of community that is built as you improve collaboration with other members. As we’ve spoken about before, the number of workers who are turning to Coworking is only growing. Naturally, so is the amount of shared spaces available to them.

David Harrington, professor at University of California, wrote that “Psychologists generally believe that creativity almost always involves combining, building upon, and transforming pieces of information”. If that isn’t the perfect synopsis of the benefits of Coworking, then I don’t know what is. When you think about the options one would have when looking to become part of a Coworking space, its imperative to consider how their software will help make your job easier, as well as how to collaborate with others in the space.

Help Create Comfort

There is a responsibility on everyone involved, from manager to members, to create and encourage an atmosphere of collaboration. Encourage social events such as a fitness class or a happy hour. Some subtle things really help in creating comfort, such as establishing open common areas in your space, or gathering feedback from others on what is or is not successful in the space. The more comfortable everyone is with eachother, the more likely it is that collaboration will happen naturally and smoothly.

Some of the best ways to increase collaboration don’t even include a great deal of thought or planning. Simple gestures such as bringing breakfast for members, or writing a message on a whiteboard in a common area, can go a long way into creating dialogue, a sense of comfort, and in turn lead to ideas being shared.


Ideally, your workspace management software will streamline day to day tasks, and help your entire space maintain that sense of collaboration. Kube by WUN can be the stimulant your space needs. Through our features such as community messaging and our intricate member directory, collaboration has never been made easier.

Maximize efficiency and client retention by keeping all of your member’s information organized and easily accessible in one place. Our lead management system captures the information of all prospects accessing your site. We will equip you with the fastest and most reliable WiFi, since today’s business is so reliant on connecting with people outside the office.

And sometimes, the best ideas don’t happen during “traditional business hours”. The Kube platform integrates with keyless access software such as Kisi, which provides you with access to a room or an office at any time, with just the tap of your smartphone. We did the heavy lifting, it’s now on you to foster a relationship.

Get away From Isolation

The most common complaint, and in some cases serious downfall, of working from home, or independently from a coffee shop, is the isolation it creates. You can open up avenues that have been untapped previously, just by deciding to join a Coworking space. Interact with members who may have the same interests as you. Get help from others when you’re short on ideas, or lacking some inspiration. And maybe most important of all, enjoy where you work and what you do, because that positive feeling when you “go to work” in the mornings is one of the biggest hurdles in increasing creativity and collaboration.

The main component to a successful Coworking or shared space is having members and guests and staff who all collaborate, share ideas, and communicate effectively. The way to go about that is to improve the comfort level throughout the space. Use Kube by WUN as the starting point for your success in Coworking. Click below to find out more.