Coworking Space Design Trends


We had taken a look recently at the overall trends that would define the year for Coworking. Let’s narrow that down a little bit and look at Coworking space design trends specifically for 2018.

For those looking to modernize their Coworking space, or those just beginning the process of starting a space of their own, its important to take these into consideration.

A recent study by Forbes indicated that by 2020 (which is just 2 years away, crazy to think), Millennials would be the highest percentage of the U.S workforce. Because of this, drawing them to your space with the latest trends and technology is more important than ever.

Some of these are a continuation of trends we’ve seen recently grow in popularity. Others are a forecast of things to come in the very near future.

Dynamic Space

One thing we know about Coworking is that it thrives on a sense of Community and creativity. Having a layout that can be rearranged easily, with lots of open, collaborative space is very important. This is one of the biggest trends in our industry.

You can have couches for comfort, but its important to have tables, chairs, and workstations that can adapt to your member’s needs. It encourages members to work together and share ideas. It also allows them to access charging stations for all their mobile devices without worrying about getting the seat nearest to the outlet.

Homey Feeling

Make your members feel at home. You’ve probably heard this 1000 times and will hear it 1000 more. People who turn to coworking are often escaping the isolation created by working from home. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel like they’re at home!

Be creative and fun with your decor and design. Add couches, recliners, area rugs, bean bag chairs, a bar, a gaming area, and anything else that will inspire people to leave their home or a coffee shop for your amazing space.


The more technology and apps we have at our disposal, the more they will need to integrate to achieve maximum functionality. This is one of the biggest trends that will dictate the success of your space in the coming year and beyond.

How does this tie into the design of your space? You need to provide big screens large enough for presentations in a conference room. There need to be ample charging stations throughout the space. Keyless entry is a huge benefit to offer your members.

Wireless anything is vital. This includes printers, chargers, monitors, speakers, and anything else technology related.

Shrinking Personal Space

One of the design trends that goes hand in hand with more open common space, is shrinking the actual personal deskspace you need.

It’s estimated that we only spend approximately 40% of our time at a Coworking space at our actual desk. We have sleeker devices, less cables to create clutter, less need for files, and many other technological enhancements that make the need for individual desk space less than ever before.

If possible, eliminate dividers/walls between desks. Don’t give your members the feeling they’re in a traditional cubicle office. The more space to roam they have, the better the community in your space will be. I know it sounds repetitive, but I cannot stress this element of design enough.

As you can see, technology is driving the design trends for the coming year (and beyond) in Coworking. Because Millennials are such a large demographic in this industry, we must lean toward their interests.

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