Yardi Kube Most Impactful Publications of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, the coworking industry continues to evolve and grow into a larger segment of the commercial real estate world. This year has been full of new insights, analysis and predictions. Let’s take a look back on the most impactful Yardi Kube publications of the year, based on readership and feedback. […]

The Best KPIs To Monitor Coworking Space Performance

Coworking spaces can’t be measured by the business performance metrics that one might use to assess a traditional office. One reason is that open concept layouts are not conducive to measuring people assigned to specific offices, desks or other spaces. Coworking space key performance indictors (KPIs) are needed to help decide what amenities and services […]

Building Beneficial Partnerships for Coworking Spaces

One of the most common ways to increase the visibility and overall success of coworking spaces is through local partnerships. Partnering with nearby businesses is mutually beneficial and increases the sense of community, both in the shared workspace and neighborhood. Some businesses, like restaurants, coffee shops and gyms, are obvious choices for partnerships. Before suggesting […]

How to Boost SEO for Coworking Spaces

The target market for coworking space is comprised of tech-savvy workers more likely to discover your business online than anywhere else. In order to grow and attract new members, your online brand should be thoughtful and unique, and a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can ensure your space appeals to prospective members. Search engine optimization […]

Coworking Spaces Embrace the Digital Nomad

Coworking spaces today cater to corporations, niche markets and other segments, but the roots of the industry stem from the entrepreneur and independent worker market. Digital nomads are a population of independent workers who can operate remotely with technology-enabled positions. According to MBO Partners, nearly 5 million independent workers fit the digital nomad description, with […]

2019 GWA Conference Recap

The 2019 GWA Conference, held this earlier this month in Washington, D.C., examined the latest trends in coworking. Yardi Kube was once again a platinum sponsor of this well-attended event, demonstrating a commitment to the coworking industry and showcasing new updates to the comprehensive coworking management platform. Let’s recap some of the highlights from conference breakout […]