Flexible Workspaces: What They Are and How They Meet Occupiers’ Needs

As companies are embracing hybrid work, flexible workspaces are becoming a popular solution to make that happen. While returning to the office full time is not something many companies are looking for, they find that having an office space to be used by employees whenever they want is important. Furthermore, having a more flexible work […]

5 Top Coworking Hubs in Phoenix

Since Phoenix’s tech scene started gaining momentum, more and more coworking hubs began popping up in the city to meet the demands of eager entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-up companies choosing to base themselves in the Arizona metropolis. Today, the supply of coworking spaces in Phoenix is quite high. So, to save you some precious time, […]

How are Modern Workplaces Changing the Office Real Estate World?

As hybrid work becomes the new norm, companies are faced with the issue of having to provide their employees with an adequate workplace as they return to the office. An in-demand office solution for companies across the nation is coworking and shared office spaces as they support flexibility through the unique features, amenities and services […]

5 Amazing San Francisco Coworking Spaces

San Francisco is a known tech hub and center of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus, it might not actually come as a surprise that the city is buzzing with shared office spaces, each one more unique than the other. And, while the well-known shared space operators have a sure base in some of the city’s top […]

5 Coworking Spaces in Seattle

Seattle is a buzzing business center for the biotech, medical research, and shipping industries. Plenty of large companies — including Amazon, Vulcan, Nordstrom, and Starbucks — have their headquarters in the city. Plus, because a lot of residents are also building their own entrepreneurial empires, there’s a high demand for both traditional and coworking office […]

7 of the Finest Dallas Coworking Hubs

Dallas jumped on the coworking bandwagon early on. So, it’s no wonder that the modern Texas metropolis currently offers more than 40 different coworking spaces to choose from. The only challenge is picking a place that fits the vision and demands of your company and workers. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours […]