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Touchless Procurement Solutions for the Pandemic and Beyond

With the pandemic unfortunately still impacting daily business, there has been a consistent rise in the need for technology and more automated services. Paperless and contactless transactions are the safest way to not only avoid physical interaction, but also avoid the potential for human error and time-consuming manual effort. The Yardi Procure to Pay solution […]

Coworking Operator’s Guide to Content Marketing – Part 2: Content & Conversion

This is the second part of our coworking content marketing guide. In the first installment we talked about goal setting, strategy and infrastructure. Missed it? Find the first part here. In this section, we’ll dive straight into content production, optimization, and conversion. Create Valuable Content A content marketing strategy can be as simple or complicated […]

How Self Storage Can Help Coworking Operators And Members

The coworking industry has come a long way since its inception in the mid-2000s, and it’s no wonder – coworking provides affordable and flexible services for freelancers, startups and even established companies. More importantly, coworking creates a vibrant, stimulating environment and also encourages networking. Accommodating Storage Needs Coworking spaces come equipped with desks and shared […]

Key Resources When Starting a Coworking Space

Starting up a coworking space for the first time can be a challenge. But like any other business endeavor, it can be extremely rewarding both financially and from a personal standpoint. Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable resources when starting a coworking space and the most important questions a prospective operator or […]