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10 Reasons Every Company Needs High Speed Internet


As the business world evolves, so too must every business evolve with it or risk being left in the dust by competitors. Thanks to the rise and growth of the Digital Era, an era of paperless offices and increased co-working has developed.

While both new business practices bring in their own pros – eco-friendly offices with fewer extraneous expenses and a tighter working community – the need for faster, more reliable internet has arisen. High speed internet access for co-working spaces is arguably now one of the most important features of any successful workspace.

Your company is unique with individual needs and practices, but there is one need that you have in common even with your competitors – the need for high speed internet access. Yardi Kube provides the best speeds with reliable service at a competitive rate. Switching to Yardi Kube will put your business on the fast track to better productivity and business visibility.

Thinking about switching already? We have 10 powerful reasons why you should choose us as your company’s high speed internet provider.

high speed internet in coworking space

The BYOD Era Has Come

In offices around the world, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution is gaining traction. At any given time, employees often have two or three devices running at a time in their offices. These devices include mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, and other devices that access the Internet.

They aren’t just accessing files and emails anymore, either. Streaming data like informational videos from platforms like YouTube or music to help improve concentration are everyday occurrences now that quickly eat through bandwidth.

Web-Based Applications and Seamless Hand-Off

The growing prevalence of web-based applications is beginning to take hold in the business world. Locally housed applications like Microsoft Office are slowly being phased out because co-working on documents and projects are much more complicated.

Web-based applications such as Google Docs are growing in popularity as a result of the seamless hand-off between users and devices. Thanks to these programs, multiple people on different devices can edit the same document all at once. These new applications may be great for productivity, but they also slow down Internet speeds when multiple users are online at the same time.

Networking Computers

This reason is a given. Most companies have an internal network that all computers are connected to for access to files and other material, however this requires a connection to the Internet that the network is housed on. These days, this is done less with hard-wiring machines to an Ethernet and more frequently through wireless Internet.

If you are going to network an office via Wi-Fi, it is imperative to ensure that there are no slowdowns due to heavy traffic.

Networked Storage and Backup Data

The need for backups goes hand in hand with having a network of accessible data.. Between malicious viruses that corrupt computer data and simple accidents like spilling coffee, there are a million ways that data can be lost. No business should have to worry about accidental data loss, and that’s why high speed internet for networked computers is a beautiful thing.

Through the network, you can schedule all computer data to be copied and backed up without any complications. That is the beauty of high speed Internet from Yardi Kube – reliability when you need it, and speed to get things done faster.


It may sound like a bad thing in the business world, but redundancy is a key element in protecting digital data. Most businesses these days have a set of mirrored servers for backup data so that in case one server fails, there is still a contingency plan. However, with a network of computers all connected, the Internet slows down and that means back-ups slow down especially if they are being doubled.

high speed internet working on phone

File Storage

Thanks to the rise of the BYOD movement, now more than ever people are storing data in the cloud via services like Dropbox and Google Drive. These tools are handy for businesses that need to operate with mobility, but they also create a major slow-down.

These tools bog down the Internet with their file compression every time a user uploads and downloads data. Don’t be caught off guard with slow internet speeds that decrease workspace efficiency. Yardi Kube provides Internet services with competitive prices and speeds that blow away the competition.


All of these factors contribute to workspace efficiency, which means that it is entirely dependent on fast Internet speeds. High speed Internet access for a co-working environment is the key to increased employee efficiency.

The Internet is a veritable wealth of knowledge and resources that can help employees self-educate and learn better ways to complete tasks as well as provide the knowledge necessary to develop ideas. Employees who are able to take their own improvement into their hands are more likely to produce better work at a faster pace, and that’s good for business.

Online Presence

In this day and age, the key to the success of any business is their online presence. Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube have become major outlets for businesses to advertise themselves and get directly involved with consumers or clients. When it comes to growing a business, an active online presence is necessary.

Potential customers often search for websites and social media profiles before committing to any sort of patronage. Without high speed Internet, going out into the digital world to present your company and attract new consumers is impossible.

The Key To Success is High Speed Internet

High speed internet access for co-working buildings is the key to successful business practices and steady growth in today’s market. With our impressive high speed internet services, competitive pricing, reliable customer service, Yardi Kube is ready to serve your business’s needs no matter where you are in the country and we will be with you every step of the way toward a more tech savvy and consumer friendly business.