Best Coworking Spaces in Paris 


Some do their best work in the complete silence of a private office, others get inspired by the cool vibes of a shared space. Regardless of their preferences, Parisians are bound to find what they’re looking for in terms of excellent coworking centers right in the beating heart of the city.  

The collaborative workspaces listed in this article have one thing in common: they are designed to inspire every busy professional that steps through their threshold. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best-rated coworking centers in Paris, based on member reviews. 


Google Maps Rating: 5 Stars 

What members love about it: Incredible coworking space that is both functional and warm.

With 8 prestigious buildings set in the heart of Paris, Patchwork coworking spaces put members right in the center of the action, all while providing unmatched on-site features for a smooth workflow. You can expect 30 to 200+ workstations, 60 fully equipped meeting rooms, as well as unique spaces for a rich host of events that can accommodate up to 100 people.  

Throughout the Patchwork buildings, designer furniture lends the rooms a sophisticated yet welcoming feel. Besides these, members benefit from the undivided attention of a team trained in luxury hotels, access to terraces and patios for relaxation, together with catering services including unlimited coffee, breakfast, lunch, and delicious snacks. For more information about the specific locations and prices, visit their website

Level Coworking Cafe

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars 

What members love about it: Very nice coworking cafe, the staff is very kind and the coffee is great! 

Steps away from the Panthéon and Sorbonne Université, Level Coworking Café offers a cozy and laidback atmosphere where members can comfortably focus on their work. As inviting as it is conveniently located, this space promotes a carefree work environment with two rentable meeting rooms, multiple seating options including high seats and chill sofas, fast & secure Wi-Fi, electric outlets, printers, scanners, and many other desirable features. A wide selection of specialty coffee and homemade snacks are also at visitors’ disposal. Discover more details on their website.  

MOZAIK Coworking Spaces Chaussée d’Antin 

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars 

What members love about it: Well-located, excellent value for money. Great experience! 

MOZAIK Coworking Spaces Chaussée d’Antin is proud to offer a distinct coworking center excellently located in the 9th Arrondissement, within a short walk of chic wine bars and delicious restaurants. Members enjoy 24/7 access to an inviting and airy setting where comfortable seating, meeting rooms, printers, and mail delivery allow them to maximize their everyday work experience.  This location also offers breathtaking views of the Parisian landscape that members can admire from the top floor. Learn all about pricing and availability on their website

La Canopée 

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars 

What members love about it: Best coworking space I have found all over Paris. 

A stone’s throw away from some of the most popular landmarks in central Paris, La Canopée is an exciting coworking location, and the features & services also stand as proof. Well-lit interiors with beautiful designs offer the ideal backdrop for focus hours, meetings, networking, and so much more. Members enjoy access to a stylish kitchen, not to mention that organizing private events in the evenings or on Saturdays is also a possibility. Find the best deal for you on their website.   

La Bulle – Rive Gauche Coworking 

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars 

What members love about it: The management are very friendly and flexible and the space is quiet with very lovely amenities. 

A scenic setting right on the banks of the Seine, cutting-edge technology, and beautifully designed interiors are some of the things that make La Bulle – Rive Gauche a sought-after coworking center. With a goal to satisfy a wide range of needs, this coworking space puts dedicated workstations, a diverse line-up of meeting rooms, private offices, and other unique spaces for afterwork events at members’ fingertips.  

They even offer industry know-how and top-of-the-line equipment for live streaming and podcast recording. All these are tied together by indispensable amenities such as high-speed internet, printers, and well-appointed kitchens serving tea & coffee, followed by a cozy conversation room and a relaxation area under a glass roof where members can socialize and unwind during breaks. Visit this link for additional info and pricing.  

HUBSY Republique 

Google Maps Rating: 4.8 Stars 

What members love about it: Comfortable, pleasant and well decorated. The coffee and snacks were perfect! 

HUBSY Republique is a place you don’t want to miss out on when it comes to a rewarding coworking experience.  

Several phone booths and meeting rooms ensure that you can conduct your business undisturbed, whether that means brainstorming ideas, joining conference calls, or working in the company of your colleagues. Fiber internet, printers, and screens offer the first layer of comfort, but unlimited hot & cold drinks, snacks, and fruits are also included. The inviting coffee shop atmosphere and the bright and open spaces are the cherry on top. Check out the website for more details on pricing and see why members keep returning here! 

Coco Community 

Google Maps Rating: 4.9 Stars 

What members love about it: Coco is an extremely friendly, professional, and welcoming community

Excellently positioned in the fashionable Marais district, Coco Community is a vibrant coliving and coworking space loved as much for its location as it is for its impeccable services. Its goal is to connect people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, creatives, scientists, and everyone in between.  

Members can reserve desks in a wonderfully appointed shared workspace or rent a meeting room, both of which unlock access to lockers, printers, and coffee & tea. Sports courses are also available, so members can blow off some steam after work and de-tense their muscles in a Yoga, Pilates, or cardio training session. In addition, Coco offers ample opportunities to mix and mingle with like-minded peers through fun events, such as movie nights and talks. For a closer look at what they have to offer, click here.  

Coworking Republic 

Google Maps Rating: 4.8 Stars 

What members love about it: Modern, bright, airy, warm place to work. The icing on the cake: drinks and snacks are offered

Coworking Republic is the inspiring setting you need for a balanced work experience. Nestled in a 19-century building that’s been revamped to meet contemporary standards, this office is as spacious and stylish as it gets. And as any collaborative workspace would have it, this, too, offers the flexibility and equipment people need to carry out their activities.  

Expect everything from six private offices and two conference rooms to a relaxation area with games and a fully equipped kitchen with a variety of snacks and refreshments. The office is bathed in natural light all day long thanks to the glass roof, the tables are made of solid oak, while various plants and green elements further stimulate creativity and ensure an overall welcoming ambiance. Find more reasons to choose Coworking Republic as your next destination to work in downtown Paris. 

WeWork – 5 Rue des Italiens 

Google Maps Rating: 4.7 Stars 

What members love about it: Great facilities and even a pool table in the basement. 

Perched above a courtyard and surrounded by inspiring historic architecture, this WeWork office space on Rue des Italiens mirrors the beauty of the 9th Arrondissement. Find the private office that helps you focus best, retreat to a conference room to brainstorm ideas for a new project or greet new clients in the art-filled lounges – there’s something for everyone. Added perks include free-flowing coffee, exceptional cleaning services, car & bike parking spaces, and dedicated rooms for recreation. This coworking center is dog-friendly, as well, so members are free to bring their loyal companions along. Eager to discover more? Give the website a closer look! 

The Office Paris 

Google Maps Rating: 4.8 Stars 

What members love about it: Quality services at unbeatable prices

Flexible hours, welcoming open spaces, and an incredible location steps from Sorbonne Université create the unique coworking experience known as The Office Paris. Members appreciate the clean design and the quality services and facilities including a kitchen, a shower, and personal lockers, all for attractive prices. In-between tasks, members are welcome to stretch their legs and socialize in the break room. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, reserve your spot or find the most suitable meeting room – here are additional details about pricing and availability.  

Methodology: We compiled this list by looking at Google Maps Ratings for coworking spaces across Paris and selected the best rated according to Google reviews aggregate scores. Google Maps Ratings shown in this article are valid as of April 2023.