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How Workspace Software Enhances Community


We all know how important the concept of community is to a thriving Coworking space. We also know that its vital for a space to run on an elite workspace management software that streamlines all facets of operation.

But how does the platform that powers your workspace enhance community?

Time Savings

Coworking management software will save you time. Its virtually unquantifiable how much exactly you will save by eliminating spreadsheets, manual billing, managing bookings, and many other tasks that become automated. Simply the concept of gaining so much time into your schedule, will provide opportunities to focus on community and your members.

Manage Bookings

Easily manage bookings with space and meeting room booking software. Whether its on web or mobile, members and guests can book, confirm, and manage reservations. You want a management software that automates the process of accessing a space or room, connecting to Wi-Fi, and billing for services.

This is a huge advantage in building community, as once again you will be creating an atmosphere of accessibility and welcomeness for all. And don’t ignore the benefits of 24/7 bookings. Not everyone runs on traditional office hours. There is definitely value in building community even when your space isn’t as busy.


The top Coworking management platforms will provide ample features for creating relationships between members, as well as between operator and members alike. Community message boards, member directory, and other avenues for collaboration all help to build and expand your community.

All user data that is captured through the CRM data is automatically categorized by industry and skill set, amongst other fields.

Scheduling tools provide a resource to book events for your members, which encourages further interaction and fosters interpersonal relationships that go beyond the scope of business.

Lori Spiess, CEO of Officenters, likes to have a newsletter that introduces new members and highlights achievements of all members within the community. You will be able to reach a vast audience, connect with potential members, or network in places not possible in the past.

The CRM can be extremely useful for understanding what kind of offerings your members and guests value most, thanks to our real-time reporting.  The happier you can make those who fill your space, the better community you will build.

Our CRM and Lead Management is designed to go beyond expectations for your members while simplifying the operational process. With less admin and more advancement, Yardi Kube will help you work to grow your space, beyond simply maintaining it.

The Yardi Kube platform is soon to undergo a major set of enhancements, powered by Yardi. Yardi Kube will compile features unrivaled throughout the industry. To find out more about this upcoming version of Yardi Kube or to find out how we can enhance community in your space, please click the link below.