Lead Generation for Coworking Spaces


There are many ways in which Coworking operators maximize lead generation for their spaces. The most important factor is understanding that getting quality leads and attracting the right members is an ongoing process. It begins pre-opening and continues throughout even your busiest times.

Pre-Opening Demand

Lead generation begins before you officially open the doors up to the public. Strategize a pre-open marketing plan. The most successful way of getting leads pre-open is with events. You can choose to use part of your space that is ready, therefore showing off the potential final product to everyone, or you can do it outside the building to promote amenities in and around the area.

Also, when you begin your online advertising, be sure to carefully track where your¬†best leads are coming from. Is it organic search? Are you maximizing your SEO? Is social media (have a presence on every platform) drawing in leads? Are value added resellers such as DaVinci and Liquidspace providing a boost? Make sure you’re aware of what’s working best, where your dollars should be allocated wisely, and what to pour more or less budget into.

Diversify your Strategy

Lead generation is about spreading yourself out and putting your eggs in many baskets. We’ve mentioned how word of mouth can often be the best recruiter for your space, but that comes with time. Initially speaking, its vital to attend networking events throughout your city. Continuously promote the opening of the space, or the success of the space on social media. Use quality pictures and link to special events or anything that would have a prospect sign up with a phone number or email.

Make sure your tours are perfect. Show the prospect everything you possibly can, including your private offices and areas, even if they think they may not need them. Remember those are your money makers. The more private rooms and conference rooms you lease, the quicker you’ll be on the road to profitability. Make sure that on the tours you touch on various aspects of your space beyond the physical tangible items. Highlight the community you’re building. Introduce the prospect to your most outspoken members. Personally invite them on a free pass and ideally they’ll come on an event day. It all works together to generate that commitment from the prospect.

Adding content on other prominent sites is ideal as well. Anytime you can feature your space’s information on Coworking sites like Coworkingresources.org or Coworkinginsights.com, take the chance to do so. Their traffic is likely much larger than your site, and will expose your space to prospects who may not have ever heard about it.

Quality Website

If your website is not on par with, or above what your competition is showcasing, it will put you behind quickly in terms of acquiring leads. Someone is much less likely to fill out a form on your site if its not immediately appealing. SEO is critical to getting the visibility of your site out there. If you search ‘Coworking spaces in [your city]’ and you’re not appearing on the first page, or you don’t have an ad giving you extra visibility for that search term, you’re going to miss out on quality leads. Organic searches are people who are¬†likely comparing spaces in your own neighborhood.

Make sure your website is accurate in every aspect of the messages and images you want conveyed to prospects. Ensure no spelling errors, broken links, low quality images, or otherwise damaging factors that would cause someone to turn away. The quality and presence of your website is something to invest in and not take a cost cutting alternative on.

The keys to generating quality leads all revolve around effort. Take your time. Make sure you’re talking to as many people as you can in work hours/events but also outside of those situations. Also, ensure you’re getting quality leads. If your conversion rate is very low, especially from a given source, switch it up! Turn to other sources, add or subtract your presence on certain sites and advertise in other methods. To learn how Yardi Kube can power your space and help with lead generation, please click the link below.