How to Improve Communication and Member Management


Communication is the catalyst for a collaborative workspace. A Coworking space that comes together, launches new business ventures, hosts events that are well-attended and enjoyed, and has a high retention amongst their members is a space that champions great communication and top-notch member management. Here are three steps for improving the communication and member management within your shared workspace.


Having a CRM

For better connecting the gaps of communication and member management, the CRM is literally your best bridge. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system instantly connects all member information through one place. This information is updated in real time and synchronized to all aspects of a workspace management system. With all your members in one connection, you can organize special tasks and events, streamline the process of collaboration, and keep everyone together through group messaging and newsletters. A CRM can also send the information to one directory that can categorize members by industry, skill set, as well as a wide range of other factors.

A Great Community Manager Can Make the Difference

A manager within workspace is looking to create relationships, retain members, and catalyze networking amongst members. Their chief responsibility falls on establishing the cultural ambiance as well an atmosphere where the members want to work in.

According to our ebook, Overcoming Operational Challenges in Coworking, having a community manager that is personable and understanding can significantly make a change in the communication and overall relationship between the staff and members. We interviewed Willie Gutierrez who believes that a community manager is one of the most important things to have for growth. Within his experience working for Premier Business Centers, he found that hiring a strong community manager to lead the member-facing staff within a workspace can have a significant impact on a workspace’s profitability as well as their member retention.

Fostering Member-to-Member Relationships

A Coworking space allows for the disruption of what some would refer to as a “corporate echo chamber.” It’s important to celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experience of all members, allowing for their input, and helping them get big ideas off the ground. If the only way your members come together on a project is through working on your own plans, you’re missing the bigger picture. It’s important to understand the needs, talents, and skills of everyone in the workspace, and see what you can do for them to help each other out.

While it’s great to construct unique solutions for your members, make room for the unexpected interactions. Allowing your members to form their own team and create their own initiatives can further your goal as being an incubator for great ideas to work together.

By having a system in place for connecting all your members, making your staff more personable, and inspiring an environment for members to come together on their own, you can make your workspace the best in communication amongst members. Remember that the best communities come organically and you should never try to force relationships. By providing a pathway for everyone to come together, you can set the foundation through which great ideas flourish on their own. For more information for how WUN can improve your communication and member management, please click the button below.