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The 2018 Global Coworking Survey is Here!


It’s the beginning of a new year, and with it comes one of the more influential parts of the year in Coworking with the annual Global Coworking Survey . The results of this brief yet detailed survey give insight, analysis, and perspective into the industry as a whole. Click the link above to share your thoughts regardless of the role you have in Coworking.

Run by Deskmag, this is the largest Coworking survey worldwide. It began seven years ago and has highly influenced the way those who operate Coworking spaces, as well as those who work out of them, view the industry. The growth of the survey ballooned last year to over 1,800 participants responding.

The results of the survey get published in February on Deskmag (free of charge). Deskmag takes results and compares them to previous years and looks ahead to what this calendar year holds in store.


As we all know, it can be dissuading or even awkward at times to attach your name to a survey, especially if your responses aren’t entirely positive. Deskmag ensures all data in the survey is collected anonymously.

At no point does the survey ask for your name (confirmed, I took the survey). It gives the option to input the name of the coworking space(s) you work out of if you choose, and only requests the name of your city if it has over a million residents.


Deskmag will recognize the five most mentioned spaces, as well as the five highest rated spaces. In addition, multiple responses by the same person will not be considered for recognition, which encourages operators to push for all their members to fill out the survey independently.

Why does the survey matter

Since Coworking is still evolving and growing, it benefits operators and members alike to know in what direction people see our industry going. The demographics of spaces are important. The popularity of given spaces and in given cities matter. Knowing how many people intend to leave a space or have just joined a space is valuable as well. It all ties together in Deskmag’s February report.

The survey closes at the end of January, 2018. For the latest information about the survey and the Coworking industry follow @coworkingsurvey and @deskmag on Twitter. Of course, follow @WUNSystems as well.