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The Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Everything You Need to Know


To understand the growing demand for Coworking and shared workspaces, we need to look into the changes in the way people work. Today’s modern workforce is more transient, more on the move, and eager to break barriers in communication and office space. The best part about Coworking and shared spaces for the digital nomad lifestyle is that it allows the worker to quickly settle down with a desk or private office and instantly close up shop when needed. The digital nomad is thriving in today’s time due to a new foundation for freelancers, an emphasis on community and collaboration, as well as having an empowerment that can only be afforded by working remotely.

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More Foundation for Freelancing

Freelancing in these times is more reliable and productive than ever. While nomads and freelancers are traveling and taking much of their time in the sky, new technologies and Coworking solutions are allowing for them to meet strict client deadlines and overcome obstacles. One solution helping to make this happen includes Coworking and shared space providers, with multiple locations, offering visa programs that allow members to work from place to place. To further this trend, members can access their files and records through a fast, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure. With these solutions freelancers can settle into any space they see fit with full connectivity, full security, and a new levels of productivity.

Less Company Men, More Community Oriented Members

To the shared space nomad, there is more focus on “working with” to “working for”. What makes community so important for the Digital Nomad is that they can craft solution for not working alone and creating their own company culture with their own autonomy.

Some Coworking spaces, notably in Europe, have adopted the trend of “co-living” which is allowing members to live together and develop projects. This was a trend that caught on in 2013 when workers searching for a cheaper means for where to stay and work, hence combining the two concepts. Given how cost effective Coworking is for members and start-up businesses, co-living extends those benefits. By having a community and working with people you can link up with outside of office hours, it becomes easier to manage the delicate balance of work and life.

Coworking Software on various management platforms is being adjusted to account for this by providing more avenues for communication, connecting, sending messages, as well as planning meetings and events.

Being Everywhere Remotely

It used to mean one was just “working from home” when someone wasn’t working from the office. Now remote work doesn’t mean working outside of an office, but rather making an office appear from anywhere in the world. With visa programs as well as the ability to rent offices, desks, and meeting rooms from hours to months at a time, the digital nomad of today can go from one place to another while sharing all their information via cloud or business process software. Whether to test drive a new space for their business, work transiently between differing companies, or explore the world and find new working cultures for collaboration, working remotely is expanding and creating new opportunities that were never once believed possible among digital nomads.

The digital nomad lifestyle is no longer a novelty or a lighter way to approach work. Freelancers working remotely can work as hard, as complete, and as thorough as the traditional office worker. This new advance in the workspace has allowed for the adventurous worker to tackle ambitious projects without a hiccup. Thanks to advances in providing foundations for freelancers, creating new avenues for community, and empowering the remote worker with new tools that make a difference, the digital nomad lifestyle is only becoming more productive. For more information on how to make your workspace more productive for your members, please click the button below.