Accounting for Growth with a Flexible Business Telephone System in Weston


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Most businesses do not start out as overnight successes; they go through specific stages that involves company expansion over time. As an established business telephone systems company Weston, we know which tools are needed most to facilitate communication across the office. Each business is different and has different communication needs. Some need to be able to hold video conference calls with clients across the country, while others need a solid handset in each cubicle for call center employees. We realize that celebrating the unique differences between businesses can only be done by building modular business telephone systems Weston. From start to finish, Yardi Kube is there for your company as it experiences plateaus, growth spurts, and small successes over the years.

WUN Voice for All Business Development Stages

WUN Voice was built to be modular business telephone systems Weston that can accommodate all company sizes and sectors of business. The basic handset is what people think of when they hear about business telephone systems. Wun Voice goes well beyond that for small businesses all the way up to serving large corporations.

Small Business and Startup Stage

In a technological age, small businesses must have dedicated telephone access to clients and manufacturers. This basic mode of communication can be found in our handsets, along with voice conference call abilities. Our on-site installation team means that you won’t have to deal with setting up anything yourself, and you will receive enterprise-calls VoIP call quality that does not rely on traditional, unpredictable landlines. If you need to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your handset, this can be done through our WUN Voice softphones application. With this application on all three devices you will be able to take calls, listen to voicemails, video conference others in the office, ask questions to each other over chat, and set your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. This amazing application can also send and receive faxes right to your phone, as well as other features that will push progress forward no matter where you are located.

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Middle of the Road Stage

At this point, there can be a plateau in progress. This is a serious time to sit down and re-evaluate where you planning to take your company, if you are willing to take venture capital or other funding in exchange for some control over business decisions, and how much manpower you currently have. You will be able to add new phone systems easily as more employees are hired. This is also the time to think about expanding your modular business telephone system to be able to work remotely or to hire remote workers. Our reception based console means a receptionist can be working in the office directing calls to your phone and entering notes into the system while you are on a business trip with a client. WUN Voice softphones application is essential at this point to keep up with work at home or during travels. This is an exciting time for your company, and you want to make sure that your communication across the board is tight.

Each one of WUN Voice’s business telephone system pieces mentioned above can make your ship run smoothly. Adding the Advanced Call Accounting Feature means being able to track and bill individual or department phone usage, as well as being a unique analyzation tool. With more monetary resources dedicated to finding the best business telephone system, you are looking for a company that provides crystal clear call quality, uninterrupted service, limited technical issues, if any, and innovative ways for everyone to stay connected. WUN Voice provides an average 99.9% up time for all of their systems and assigns a designated Account Manager to make sure the flow of information never stops.

Dedicated Specialists for Each Size

We are proud to offer our clients comprehensive on-site training free of charge. This program involves a trained representative from Yardi Kube coming to your office to train everyone at a comfortable pace. Having this one-on-one trainer-to-employee advantage means that everyone in your workplace will be up to speed on the new business technology faster than just implementing the system and hoping everyone will pick it up. Beyond this in-office training, we also provide instructional webinars and a knowledge database to answer any questions that arise in the moment. Chances are, another one of our past or present clients has asked this question before so we created these helpful webinars to eliminate having to recreate the wheel for each new client. If you encounter a challenge that is not listed in the database or explained in the webinar, our WUN Voice staff would be happy to answer these questions at any time of the day. For all technical issues, we send an on-site support specialist immediately to troubleshoot accordingly. You will not have to deal with troubleshooting anything yourself. We want to make sure that your work momentum is interrupted as minimally as possible.

Yardi Kube Looks Out for Your Company

A company’s trajectory from start to finish is a wild ride that never stops; Yardi Kube is committed to normalizing your work day with our progressive, modular business telephone solutions Weston. From small to large companies, we have created the most adaptable business telephone system on the market today.