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Best Stress Relievers at Work to Help Get Through The Day


One of the main contributors to stress is life in the workplace. Often the chief component of stress can be the work itself. Providing a work environment with less stress was one of the pillars through which Coworking and shared spaces were designed. Stress relief can come in the form of objects you can bring with you, activities you can schedule throughout the day, or by using the resources available in a Coworking Shared Office space. Regardless of where you work and what your workspace may offer, here is a basic guide to finding the best stress relievers at work to get you through the day.

Best Stress Reliever at Work Objects

Forget the ball full of sand and put away those fidget spinners. You should start with your desk. It is said that your desk can be a perfect reflection of your work-life. It’s always the most important object to your day. If your desk is tidy and organized, is it in such a way that inspires you to be productive or overwhelmed? Same applies with a messy desk, does it bring you a sense of ownership or does it feel like someone else’s mess? This is a significant psychological factor to address.

The same applies to bringing objects to relieve stress at work. It shouldn’t be about bringing an object for easing anxieties, it should be an object that takes you somewhere mentally where you feel at your best. For instance, some people may find that bringing a yoyo and doing several tricks when walking around the office can put the mind at ease better than a tiny zen sand garden can. People work differently, what matters is you finding the things that bring inner peace of mind.

Stress Relief Activities

There are a variety of actions you can take you make your mind and body feel loose and ready to be productive. It depends on your personality, just remember that not all activities promote the same stress relief. If you’re active then walking and exercising is ideal, but some may not see or feel the therapeutic effects of doing this. A stress relief activity should never be, nor feel, forced whatsoever. That would eliminate the whole purpose. Some people like activities that inspire creativity such as day dreaming, cultivating plants, and finding ways to twist the work/life balance bring bringing some of what they do outside of the office with them. An activity in stress relief should always be something that celebrates your personality.

Stress Relief in Coworking

Sometimes it can be as simple as collaborating. Seriously, that’s it! It’s been shown stress can significantly be reduced that by working together on projects that have the following qualities: inclusive planning and frequent communication, a fair workload amongst yourself and colleagues, healthy socializing, some coaching, mentoring, and going outside for bonding and planning recreational activities for getting to know each other better.

In many cases community can cure stress. Coworking operators are aware of this. Based on the desires and interests of the members within a facility, Coworking spaces are working to bring people together by meeting the demands for activities within the workspace based on the culture of the environment. This includes places that have opened a yoga studio or a garden to help bring everyone together. Other operators have taken non-conventional ideas such as building an arcade room of video games. You can also have a bar that holds events featuring local breweries (there’s a business opportunity too…). Coworking operators can combat stress in the daily life of their members by making the space seem less like work.

There are countless objects and activities created for relieving stress, but remember the only criteria you have is your stress. It should always be based around your personality and your workstyle to help design the perfect mental escape. It’s not about the action you take, but rather your personality and what brings the best from you. A great Coworking or shared space operator should always be aware of this when constructing a plan for stress relief at work.

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