Finding the Best Coworking Membership Plans for your Members


Having a diverse member base means tailoring plans to meet many different needs. Below we’ve laid out some of the most common types of Coworking membership plans on the market and why they’ll work well for the varying levels of commitment your members may require.

Private Office Membership

Ideal for individuals or teams who may need a bit more privacy, while still enjoying benefits of the workspace community.   Membership includes a move-in ready office with internet service, 24/7 access to your workspace, meeting rooms and amenities.  Private office membership sometimes include meeting room usage or a discount on meeting room rental.  Flexible terms are available with the best rate usually offered with a longer commitment.

Tip for Workspace provider:

If you run out of private suites to rent, you can offer a group of dedicated desks, and give extra meeting room space time as incentive.

Dedicated Desk Membership

This plan is ideal for members who need a cost-effective solution for dedicated workspace with a high level of commitment.  Membership includes a dedicated desk with storage in an open environment and 24/7 access to your workspace, meeting rooms and amenities. Since most dedicated desk areas are located in a communal area, there is lots of opportunity to connect and network with other members.    This membership plan may include a set amount of meeting room usage or a discount on meeting room rental. Offer plans on a month-to-month or longer term.

Tip for Workspace provider:

Using a door access control system is a great benefit to members who need the space after traditional office hours.

Virtual Office Membership

If you are looking to establish a professional image for your home-based business or need to establish a satellite office at an affordable rate, then you should consider a virtual office.   Plans vary and can include services such as professional mailing address, mail handling services, receptionist, live phone answering, access to meeting rooms and more.  A virtual office plan may include a set amount of meeting room usage or discount on meeting room rental. Plans are typically offered on a month-to-month commitment.

Tip for Workspace provider:

Meeting entrepreneurs throughout your city is an ideal way to promote this package. You can even host events in your space to grow interest in virtual office plans.

Hot Desk Membership

This pay-as-you-go workspace plan offers the ultimate flexibility.  You can choose to work for a day, week, month or longer.  Ideal for freelancers, remote workers and startups.  All you have to do is bring your laptop, select an open seat and get to work.  Members receive a discount on meeting room rental and other services. You will also have access to workspace amenities such as wifi, printing, etc.

Tip for Workspace provider:

You can set up plans on a per day, per month or even hourly basis, giving the member maximum freedom.

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It’s important to provide current and prospective members with as many options as possible, and provide a great deal of benefits for your most dedicated members. You can also consider setting up a conference room only plan, for those members who need it consistently. To get more information on how Yardi Kube can help your Coworking and shared space maximize its potential, please click below.