5 Standing Desk Tips and How To Best Use Them


For decades and generations, sitting at the traditional desk has been an enabler of catastrophic, yet common, health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others that come because of inactivity. It had risen to point that even the idea of getting a desk job meant dedicating time to inactivity. Then came the standing desk, a simple advancement disrupting offices worldwide to fight back. Standing desks have been lauded as a means of staying healthier when in the workspace. Standing Desks makes working better. Much similar to WUN’s Software. Here are a few standing desk tips to know.

Here Are 5 Key Standing Desk Tips You Need

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Take Time To Transition

Don’t just weekend warrior your new stance on the workspace. If you’re a workaholic like some of us are, you may spend more time sitting at a desk than lying in a bed. So, what if you slept in a hammock instead of that mattress you’ve been used to for so long? Your back would say something, wouldn’t it?

Try working from a standing position one hour at a time and then add more time as your body adapts. You may also find that standing can be a distraction at first, so sit down when taking on a critical task that requires your full concentration. This is one of the many critical standing desk tips.


Move Around More

The inherent benefit to a standing desk is that it makes you more active. If you’re just standing around, however, you’re getting the minimal results. In fact, sitting in one posture can cause stress and even work against you. You want to be able to comfortably shift your weight around with less resistance from tired aching leg muscles. A few ideas includes buying standing mats and foot rests to help you find comfort in switching postures, another idea is to take hourly walks around the workspace.

If you’re in a Coworking space, perhaps you should consider utilizing the community building software aspects of a workspace management platform to meet with other members of the space.


Maintain Your Posture

It’s important to note that a computer screen should be a distance of 15 -to-30 inches from the eyes. Eye level should also be below the screen with elbows at a 90 degree angle. Some important notes to take on how you’re standing includes having your legs spread to the shoulders without locking the knees, shifting the weight of your stance to help roll the shoulders backward more fluidly, and not slouching the head. We recommend having ground support for your feet while also adjusting your monitor and table height accordingly, another standing desk tips.


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Fight Fatigue

It has been said that standing desks help improve energy levels while also lowering feelings of stress and fatigue. To fight against tiredness even further there are several further steps you can take to ensure you can stay on your own two feet throughout the entire work day.

This includes varying between sitting, standing, and walking. You should also schedule periods of stretching throughout the day, perhaps 3 times throughout the span of a 9-to-5 workday. Be sure your routine includes the following areas of focus:

  • Shoulders
  • Upper arms
  • Chest
  • Head and neck
  • Lower back
  • Thighs



Not just for decoration, but for performance. There are several items you should have with you when working from a standing desk. Comfortable shoes that promote a healthy posture are a must, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead standing 8 hours in shoes that lack of support. If the office dress code dictates dress shoes and heels however, bring alternating pairs of shoes so you can switch off when standing at the desk.

As mentioned previously, a mat is ideal for helping you shift your weight better. You can also use a foot step stool, a rolling foam roller, or even a tiny treadmill/elliptical device on your feet. Finally, using a mount for laptops and monitors can give you a variable viewing angle, providing the flexibility you’ll need for the long days.

Using a standing desk is a great idea for being more active during the workday. To get the best results it’s important to optimize the position of the desk, your posture, as well as your weight distribution.

By using the right practices as well as the right accessories, you can work like a warrior throughout all times on the clock with these standing desk tips. For more information on how WUN can help transform your shared workspace experience, please click the button below.