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Creating a Shared-Green Workspace For Your Employees


There are several values through which a shared workspace incorporates. These values include flexibility and efficiency. It doesn’t have to end with the model though, you can also incorporate flexibility and efficiency to make your Coworking space a green workspace to work in. Extending beyond activity-based working and offering flexible hours, you can boost your sustainability and experience the benefits of making your shared space a green workspace.

Transportation for Members

Commuting is a serious concern for workspace morale. One of the biggest deciding factors for members coming to workspaces includes the ease of commute as well as the parking.

As an operator, you can shorten the carbon footprint of your members while also driving convenience through the following options:

  • Organize a way of greater convenience for the workers who walk or bike to work.
  • Incentivize using public transportation, inspire members to use bulk passes to save money.
  • Organize carpools and car sharing.

Improve The Lifestyle of the Workspace

You can use the kitchen as the frontline for making your office a green workspace. The first step is to stock your shared kitchen with foods and snacks that are organic. Composting organic waste is also an encouraged practice.

The bathroom is another place where you can make a difference. By removing toxic cleaners and other chemicals that have a bad effect on the environment, you can significantly alter the way in which your workspace lives and breathes.

Energy Usage

There are a variety of ways in which you can save energy. Some basic measures include encouraging the use of double-sided printing or going as paperless as possible. You can also discourage water bottles and encourage members to use commuter cups. You can further water conservation by having water pitchers instead of constantly relying on tap.

If you really want to hit a home run, however, you should utilize your workspace management platform to measure the usage of your space. If you can find areas and conference rooms that aren’t being used during certain times of the day—such as outside of peak hours—you can adjust the lighting and air condition of those areas and create greater cost efficiency.

Becoming a green workspace can further the values and ideals of your Coworking space. You can also use environmental initiatives as a means of bringing your members closer together. Through energy usage, encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and finding new transportation solutions for your members, you can find that going green isn’t just better for the environment, it’s better for your operation. For more information on how WUN can transform your workspace, please click the button below.