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How Coworking Creates a Thriving Work Environment


The differences between working from home, a coffee shop or a library are countless compared to joining a Coworking space. Coworking creates a thriving work environment that is unmatched by those other alternatives for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

According to a study by the University of Michigan, there is a big difference even between thriving at work and being happy at work. They determined that happiness can lead to complacency and contentment.

They used the word thriving to describe a company (in our case, a Coworking space) in which employees are not just satisfied and productive but also engaged in creating the future—the company’s and their own.

How to help your members thrive

According to that same study, the biggest key as a manager is to provide decision making discretion to the members. We’ve touched on this before. It’s important to coordinate fun events with the members, to encourage dialogue, and to continuously make your members feel like they’re the integral part to this shared space.

Give your members all the tools they need. When they feel comfortable and part of a community, it is proven that their productivity rises.

Make them feel like this is more comfortable than a coffee shop and more efficient than being at home. Their creativity will increase from being around members who have great ideas and concepts.

Share information with your members. Implementing an open book style of leadership will help your interpersonal relationships and also make those in your space feel like coming to work is not a burden.

Improved Communication

According to this post in the Boundlss blog, the concept of ‘collisions’ at the workspace is something you should strive for. Collisions are unplanned interactions among members to share ideas and concepts.

They’re much more likely to happen in the open concept of a shared workspace. When you manage a Coworking space, keep in mind the design will play a big role in improving the chances of positive collisions.

open concept workspace

Another big reason why Coworking creates a thriving work environment is the accessibility to the space at all hours. Most spaces are accessible 24/7. We all know some of our best thoughts don’t necessarily happen on ‘standard business hours’. Communication increases as we are free to roam in and out of the office at our disposal.

Job Control

Also, depending on the types of memberships you offer, members will feel like they have more job control.

What does this mean? When you offer meeting rooms, quiet areas, common spaces, and a technology driven experience at the office, members have control over how, where, and with whom they work.

One of the main detriments to a thriving work environment is incivility. Coworking strives to achieve a comfort level and a communication level unparalleled to that of a traditional office or other workplaces.

While this can be common in offices where bosses and employees may clash, in Coworking its a concept that doesn’t play much of a role. That in and of itself helps the general vibe in the shared space.

The management platform you choose to implement in your space is vital to its success. The right software will streeamline countless features of operations.

Whether its billing, booking rooms, wifi, phone solutions, and many other features, Yardi Kube can power your Coworking space. Not only is this going to help your shared space thrive, but it will surely help you thrive as well. Click below to learn more.