Staying Fit At Your Workspace

Staying Fit At Your Workspace It’s no secret that the sedentary lifestyle associated with sitting at a desk job from 9 – 5 can have negative effects on your health. Unfortunately, for most office employees this is the reality of their day. Enter the Coworking community! Workspaces have found solutions for socializing, dining and unwinding […]

Human Resources Software Makes or Breaks A Company

Human Resources, or HR for short, is arguably one of the most important departments when it comes to sustaining a healthy workspace, especially in a Coworking environment. HR goes above and beyond simply hiring and firing employees. Their department oversees training, administration of staff, coaching, legal services, and almost anything else a company might need […]

Yardi Kube is Growing

New Distribution Facility Opening in Reno Yardi Kube is pleased to announce the opening of our new distribution facility in Reno, which will result in faster turn around time and a higher level of communication and support for clients. Yardi Kube will grow the staff in the Reno office by 200 percent over the next […]

Coworking Virtual While on Vacation: How and Where to Do It

Virtual Coworking Space While on Vacation Summer is here, and for many that means traveling with the family while children are out of school. But what happens when you still need to get work done? This is where the global expansion of the coworking industry steps in. The international coworking industry has experienced major growth over […]

Yardi Kube’ Key Takeaways from WANY’s #BC50

Yardi Kube’ Key Takeaways from WANY’s #BC50 Yardi Kube was a proud Platinum Sponsor of this year’s WANY conference held in New York. Between the enlightening speaker blocks and a special magical appearance from flexible workspace industry founder Paul Fegen, our team had a great time manning the WUN photo booth and hosting a happy […]