Increase the Overall Safety of Your Workspace With Access Control Software


Access Control Software is one of the critical foundations for a smarter workplace. This feature allows you to keep your building safe by controlling who comes in and out of the workspace. New technologies for door access can also enable you to customize security features, such as the criteria for accessing certain areas and coming in at certain times. Here is why Access Control Software makes such a difference in the safety of Coworking spaces.


The First Line of Defense

When it comes to the security of Coworking spaces, controlling access is the minimum that you can do. For certain members of shared spaces, dedicated spaces such as private offices and executive suites may also be needed.

With access controls, you can add extra levels of security to the areas within the parts of the shared workspace that need it the most. Offering segmented levels of security allows for more diversity in being able to meet the security needs of varying industries.


Safety and Security in Real Time

Access Control Software is capable of synchronizing with your management system in real time. By automatically interconnecting with a CRM, all information is funneled through a central system. Through this system, you can grant access to those whose memberships grant them 24/7 access as well as those who are only allowed during business hours.

The other benefit of having an interconnected access control system is that it saves significant labor associated with programming keycards, monitoring access, as well as transferring and deleting access.

Security Risks in Coworking Spaces with Access Control

While Access Control Software automates and streamlines the process of providing access for your staff and members, there are certain steps and measures you can take to lessen the risk of theft and breach occurring in the workspace.

  • When handing access from one member to another, the original member is liable. Make sure members understand not to bring anyone into the space they do not know.


  • Keyless access is the best practice. Especially when you have 100-200 members within your space, not knowing who has a key and who doesn’t could prove bothersome.


  • To prevent unauthorized access as much as possible, make sure you keep control over who has 24/7 access to your space as well as who is limited to standard business hours.


Access Control Software is no longer the exception, it’s the standard for securing your shared space. It is as essential to the security of your space as much as CCTV cameras and alarms. Access Control Software also provides members with a keyless means to access the space while ensuring the due diligence associated with identifying, authenticating, and authorizing everyone who enters the space.

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