Office Perks to Attract Top Tier Workers


Office Perks is a subject where Coworking operators have recently been creative. This is the golden age of unique office perks with businesses of all sizes buying in. Workspaces today are hosting special events, opening yoga studios, and even organizing group vacations. While working remotely within a Coworking space may be an awesome office perk within itself, there is more you can do to add to the morale, lifestyle, and productivity of your members. Here are a few office perks for attracting top tier workers to your workspace.


A More Unique Experience for Members

For some operators, the space itself may be the biggest office perk. Depending on the space, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The spaces in question may include on-site gyms with trainers and staff, an in-house salon, a gorgeous common area located outside or on the roof of a building, a kitchen catered with snacks and drinks provided as well as a myriad of high quality amenities. Even if your space can’t offer these services directly, you can collaborate with neighboring businesses to provide for your members. It’s important to use the resources around you to see how you can make the most for the member experience.


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Networking and Opportunities

Coworking affords you with the unique opportunity to work alongside various entrepreneurs, freelancers, and skilled workers you may not find elsewhere. Working within a communal space can provide new opportunities to consult, interact, and collaborate with other people who can accelerate meeting your goals. By providing an easier way for businesses to work together and forge partnerships, such as investing in an online community software that allows for users to communicate, you can make the sharing of ideas and services one of the major office perks to joining your space.



New Services and Other Office Perks

This is where the creativity comes in. Coworking spaces are looking for new benefits to serve the community within the space. Based on the needs and demands of the members, operators can take the initiative to provide for the lifestyle of their members. Take for instance a space that is predominantly women, they may offer a child care center, a spa, a yoga studio, art classes, and entrepreneurial classes for successful women in the workplace. If a space has members focused on health and wellness, they may offer a juice bar, access to healthy snacks, as well as cardio, yoga, and meditation classes. Some places organize team sports for community building. A Coworking space can also provide for the productivity of its members, such as having access to a 3D Printer for engineers and professionals within the specific industries. If you know what your members want, you can capitalize on a great opportunity to please all parties involved.

The best kind of office perks for attracting top tier workers relies on providing your members with more to their experience, greater opportunities, as well as new services designated to meet demands. If you keep these principles in mind, you can always position yourself as the space that goes the extra mile. For more information on how WUN can transform your Coworking space, please click the button below.