Yardi Kube – Most Impactful Publications 2018


As you are probably well aware by now, 2018 was quite the year for the Yardi Kube brand. Not only did we fully transition from WUN Kube to Yardi, but we announced the launch of the all-new Yardi Kube platform. We also produced a great deal of content via several avenues, be it in-depth reports, weekly blogs, guest articles, and ebooks.

So in true beginning-of-year fashion, let’s take a look back at the most impactful of these publications, based on readership numbers and audience feedback. Each of these sections below will provide a summary and a link to each of the 7 publications, broken down by category.

Reports / Ebooks

Yardi Matrix Report: Coworking’s Rising Star

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits to being a part of the Yardi family, is the access we have to the Matrix team. They conduct incredible research and collect extremely detailed data on countless industries, one of which, of course, is now Coworking and shared space.

In early 2018, they compiled the most comprehensive Coworking study in terms of market by market research. We’ve referenced many of the stats from this report throughout the year in other pieces. Whether its industry trends, urban and suburban market data, or biggest rising markets in the industry, this report has information for anyone involved in shared space.

Making Smart Real Estate Decisions in Coworking

Our most downloaded ebook of the year featured a panel of commercial real estate and Coworking experts discussing the biggest factors to make the most of your space and location.

What are the most important lease terms to negotiate? Should you be looking to purchase space? How do you narrow down your scope to the ideal location within a market? Our panel tackled these topics among others.

Guest Articles

4 Costly CRE Mistakes in Coworking

In 2018, we started a guest article series, where industry leaders contribute to our blog with their own commentary and analysis.

Written by Jerome Fried and Michael Nieman of Savills Studley, this was our biggest guest blog of 2018. They laid out some of the most costly mistakes operators make when entering the shared space world, and how to avoid them. Using personal anecdotes from their work as commercial real estate advisors, combined with very specific details and stats, this piece resonated with many up and coming operators.


Here are our four most impactful blogs of 2018.

Best KPI to Monitor Coworking Space Performance

How do you track the performance of your Coworking operation? This blog touches upon new approaches to measure occupancy, far beyond the traditional methods. We cover which are the community KPIs that give the best indication to the success and engagement of your members. We also analyze what are the metrics to keep an eye on to decrease member churn, which is directly tied to revenue.

Differences between Shared Spaces and Coworking 

This was our most-read post of the year, which is interesting because it goes to show how often the general public is continuing to search for exactly what this industry is all about.

Our main goal with this blog was to clarify the differences between a shared workspace and a Coworking space. However, it became more than that. Explaining the benefits of the industry as a whole is a tough task in one article. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business, or enterprise-level operation, there are reasons for you to explore Coworking.

Why CRE Investors are Turning to Coworking

So clearly, we noticed there was a commercial real estate theme to our biggest posts of the year. Readership and interaction on these articles helped shape the direction in which we took some of our content. This blog described several reasons why CRE investors are putting more of their time and dollars into this industry than ever before.

How Yardi is Revolutionizing the Coworking Industry

This is the newest post on the list, but it made an immediate impact with our industry as well as the Yardi community. In the last year, Yardi’s acquisition of WUN and the subsequent changes to the Yardi Kube platform are well documented. In this article, we simply tried to sum up all the ways in which Yardi’s power has already begun to transform an industry they were new to just one year ago.

These are our most impactful publications of 2018. As always the success of all of these pieces of content is thanks to you the reader. To learn more about the upcoming Yardi Kube platform, please click the link below.