Innovative Ideas Using Your Coworking Software


One of the most rewarding effects of the Coworking revolution has been the power Coworking software has to transform a space, a building, or even a community. With more and more members working out of Coworking spaces every day, technology has had to keep pace with demand. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are many innovative ideas being born out of the Coworking concept.

Revitalizing a Neighborhood

Take for example, Stokes Croft, a neighborhood in Bristol, England, that was well chronicled as a run-down, drug infested area. Hamilton House is a large, unique Coworking space in Stokes Croft, that has literally helped shape and transform the neighborhood.

Coworking software drove the space from its infancy, to a thriving pillar in a revitalized community. The technology they provided to an area that had plenty of skilled entrepreneurs, but nowhere to work out of, changed the game. Coworking and shared spaces need the power to grow and scale smoothly, as well as communicate effectively with and between members. The vast majority of spaces do not have the resources of a WeWork or an Industrious, so having the power to efficiently manage a space is vital.

Hamilton House created jobs, areas to just hang out and have fun, and places to meet with clients. Seems like a logical idea right? If it wasn’t for the power and simplicity behind the software that runs the space, Stokes Croft would likely still have an awful stereotype.

Reaching Beyond Your Member Demo

Coworking is traditionally labeled as a millennial market. Unfortunately, those on the outside looking in don’t realize how expansive the market and demand for shared workspace truly is. One of the best assets of a powerful Coworking software is how we can begin to reach past the traditional member demographics.

For example, with Yardi Kube’s powerful marketing engine, operators will be able to leverage high quality pre-built website designs and marketing collateral to reach previously untapped audiences.

But most importantly, with CommercialCafe, you can optimally market your space and services. When Coworking and shared space search is incorporated into the CommercialCafe site – very soon! – it will eliminate your need for a third party to market your space. Beyond that, its the most powerful commercial real estate engine on the market today, and that massive success will transfer over to the Coworking world.

Blockchain Technology

We introduced the concept of blockchain technology on our blog a couple of months ago, as Forbes detailed it in a recent article.

Basically, blockchain allows digital information to be encrypted, distributed but not copied. While commonly known for the cryptocurrency surge, it has a huge role as a new factor in Coworking. Companies such as LifeTask are using this technology to advance recruiting. They’ve created a decentralized competence platform for the digital job market.

And many operators now are opening niche spaces, dedicated to blockchain communities and ecosystems. There’s examples now of Coworking spaces that let you sell, rent, or book space using blockchain based digital tokens. And there’s even an example of a Coworking space built specifically for blockchain companies, Full Node in Berlin. Their physical space is used to experiment a series of blockchain based services.

Basically, there’s many ways in which Coworking software and technology is changing how we perceive this industry. Operators have to remain ahead of the curve, with the high level tech spaces presenting a challenge before our eyes.

In the Coworking and shared space industry, we’re seeing that its not enough to have nice aesthetics and friendly atmosphere. Members are evolving and wanting more from their space. And if the software you’re using is insufficient, you risk leaving your members at a disadvantage. To learn more about how the new Yardi Kube platform is going to impact the industry, please click below.