Why More Women Should Join Coworking


Recently, we discussed the rise of all-women Coworking spaces, and how that movement is expanding and creating a niche within the shared space industry. Regardless of whether you are looking into a traditional Coworking space or an all-female location, here are some reasons why more women should join a Coworking space.

Escape Isolation

Isolation is one of the biggest reasons cited by both men and women who turn to Coworking as their means of operating on a daily basis. Women entrepreneurs should see Coworking as an opportunity to get out of the mundane routine that plagues many people. According to a study from multiple California universities, 30% of founders experience depression.

Women, who generally tend to enjoy creativity, visualization, and aesthetics more than most men would, will see immediate value in Coworking. As an operator, this is a selling point to getting more women to join your space. It’s a unique, interactive, creative, community-driven experience.

Working from home is not.

Lack of Traditional Office Structure

One of the most unfortunate aspects to the regular office job for women is that they don’t get as many opportunities at executive positions as men get. Has it improved? Yes. But if women make up 47% of the work force in America, why do they only make up 25% of executive and senior level management among all S&P 500 companies?

In Coworking, women don’t have to battle these uphill climbs. Shared spaces promote interaction among all, sharing creative ideas, and free communication. These are things women sometimes struggle to achieve in a traditional office setting.

Physical Location

It’s hard to avoid distractions at home. And its not fun to go to a cubicle job from 9a-5p daily. The solution is joining a Coworking space.

Coworking gives women the location with the amenities and comfort they desire, without the rigid, boring feel of a cubicle job. At home, the dog, the tv, the kids, chores, errands, etc can call cause distractions. Women (and men, but let’s stay on topic here) can get away from these distractions, and at their own pace and hours by joining a shared space.

women collaborating in shared space


The casual, informal environment that Coworking creates is important to creating important relationships. Mentorship can be even more important to women than it is to men, because like we said there are fewer examples of high ranking female execs to emulate.

Working in a shared space can be the outlet for women to find a mentor. Female entrepreneurs will learn from eachother and feel an attachment to someone they look up to or interact with. Having a mentor will help steer women through the troubles every start-up or freelancer will inevitably go through.

Added Benefits

We can’t ignore the fact Coworking spaces provide extra benefits for their members that cannot be found in traditional offices. When you’re away from home but still want to walk to the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee or a snack, many shared spaces have a fully stocked kitchen to make members feel at home.

Some spaces offer lectures or presentations geared toward specific audiences, (in this case, empowering women). Fitness is becoming more important than ever to women. There are Coworking spaces that offer yoga classes, workout areas, and even a ‘spa-like environment‘.

Socializing after work hours is fun for everyone and a much-needed getaway. Coworking spaces routinely offer hangouts, happy hours, and other events to gather members together. Women will benefit from this and it will help them feel more productive.

Whether you’re a woman who hasn’t experienced the benefits of Coworking, or are an operator trying to attract more women to your shared space, its vitally important to understand why this industry can be so beneficial to the female population.

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