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Provides companies with a new way of working within their own space to drive innovation and collaboration.

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How Yardi Kube’s Office Space Software Empowers Corporate Coworking

Yardi Kube is an enterprise-level workspace management platform that removes the operational barriers in developing coworking space within your organization. By adopting Yardi Kube and introducing coworking to your workspace, corporations can optimize collaboration, innovation and employee retention. Yardi Kube’s coworking software frees your employees by allowing them to work from a different desk each day, check in automatically and check out when they have finished. The result in your workforce is higher efficiency and improved culture.

Challenges Facing Today’s Corporate Coworking Spaces

  • Disrupting corporate culture
  • Minimizing costs
  • Attracting talent
  • Driving innovation
  • Exposing your company to new ideas

Disrupting corporate culture

Traditional office design is not always conducive to productivity and innovation. Your employees may feel confined and hindered by the lack of collaboration. Yardi Kube’s coworking management solution allow you to easily create a flexible workspace environment with an atmosphere and culture that fosters creativity, open lines of communication, independence and balance.

Coworking environments, powered by Yardi Kube, transform the stale corporate culture and daily monotony into an energized and motivated workforce community.

How can I transform my culture?

Minimizing costs

Through the use of Yardi Kube, you can incorporate coworking into your workspace strategy. Allow your members to use the coworking hotdesk model, which allocates an office desk to be shared by multiple workers on different shifts, as opposed to each staff member having a designated personal desk. The result is a large reduction in your commercial footprint – up to 30% in some cases – significantly reducing your corporate overhead.

How can I cut my operational expenses?

Attracting talent

You may find that the most talented workers today are seeking opportunities where they have the freedom work more independently and on a flexible schedule. This has created a generational phenomenon known as the gig economy. 

Yardi Kube allows corporations to easily introducing coworking into their workspace strategy. Coworking is geared toward collaboration, inclusiveness, flexibility and community, which allows this new generation of workers to thrive. Yardi Kube provides the bridge for your corporation to attract the best talent.

How do I attract new talent?

Driving innovation

You may find that your workforce is no longer driving innovation or providing new ideas to boost your company forward. 

Flexible workspace solutions enable you to introduce coworking into your office and, ultimately, drive collaboration within your workforce. By allowing your teams to interact and share ideas, you engage your team and improve morale. Yardi Kube can help bring your team a few steps closer that the next big idea.

How can I drive innovation?

Exposing your company to new ideas

Yardi Kube enables you to invite outside start-up firms to work out of your corporate facilities, in a coworking environment that fosters collaboration. By providing a space that is open to the best and brightest, you can expose your team to new ideas and innovation. This results in improved productivity and establishes lasting relationships.

How do I inspire new ideas?
  • Disrupting corporate culture
  • Minimizing costs
  • Attracting talent
  • Driving innovation
  • Exposing your company to new ideas

How Can Yardi Kube Maximize Your Coworking Space?

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