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Why Choose Yardi Kube as Your Coworking Software?

The robust growth of the coworking industry makes adopting Yardi Kube a smart decision for efficiency, productivity and community. Yardi Kube provides a unique workspace management platform for any coworking space. 

Yardi Kube is feature rich and user friendly, so coworking space operators can maximize growth without having to worry about an extensive learning curve. It is designed to ensure your coworking space functions as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Challenges Facing Today’s Coworking Spaces

  • Keeping your community connected
  • Providing fast & reliable internet
  • Ensuring cost savings & scalability
  • Selling your services online

Keeping your community connected

Connecting communities and providing avenues for your members to come together is essential to retaining members and growing your coworking space, regardless of whether you are a seasoned operator or starting out. 

Yardi Kube is equipped with robust features for creating lasting relationships. Our coworking software includes community and event updates to keep your staff and members connected at all times. 

How do I connect my community?

Providing fast & reliable internet

The key to retaining your members is keeping them connected to fast and reliable internet. Our technology for coworking space allows you to provide your members with a robust internet connection that is delivered on-demand to match their needs. 

Allow members to stay productive across all your sites by using the same Wi-Fi credentials at any location. 

How can I improve my internet?

Ensuring cost savings & scalability

Most coworking spaces operationally rely on multiple hardware and software vendors resulting in excessive manual labor, rising costs and inefficient processes. Coworking spaces are unable to scale because simple tasks such as billing, setting up new members and assembling reports can often take hours or even days. 

By providing a complete coworking software solution, the Yardi Kube platform automates every part of your coworking space, from managing leads and monthly billing to providing on-demand internet and voice services. Our coworking management software automatically tracks and invoices your members for all services. Through automation and self-service, you can control costs and ensure that your team is focused on scaling the business.

How can I save on costs?

Selling your services online

One of the keys to increasing revenue, maximizing efficiency and scaling your coworking space is to sell your services and products using your coworking software. Yardi Kube automates the sale of all services online from memberships to meeting room booking. By creating an online marketplace, you can open your coworking space to new opportunities. 

With increased efficiency, you’ll have more time to allocate to help build and grow your space. For your members, it makes it easier for them to use your services as well as connect with fellow members of the community. Regardless of how much you expand, Yardi Kube is scalable to meet your needs every step of the way. 

How do I sell my service online?
  • Keeping your community connected
  • Providing fast & reliable internet
  • Ensuring cost savings & scalability
  • Selling your services online

How Can Yardi Kube Maximize Your Coworking Space?

Market your spaces

Manage members

Build community

Streamline bookings

Automate billing

Provide Wi-Fi/voice

Master accounting

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