KISI Keyless Access Control + Yardi Kube


Remote keyless access control is one of the biggest advances in the Coworking and shared space industry. By providing a convenient way for your members to access your space, you can provide a solution that is cost-efficient, better connected to your infrastructure, and easier to manage. With Yardi Kube, you can open new opportunities by providing real-time access to your space 24/7 without the additional staff. The platform removes manual processes by ensuring that your doors are connected to your billing and reporting in real-time.

Kisi is a simple and secure keyless access control system and leading cloud management software that streamlines daily access operations. You’ll improve profitability, you’ll streamline operations, and plan to scale, from any place, with 24/7 access.

Using mobile credentials for door unlocking, Kisi provides a full audit trail and physical security compliance without compromising user experience. Synchronize your Yardi Kube member data with your doors. Any member in your database will automatically get access assigned via the Kisi integration.

Kisi and Yardi Kube Work Together

The Kisi / Yardi Kube integration creates an extremely intuitive and user-friendly process. You enter an API key, map out your workspaces, give  access to those who need it, and the app will show you upcoming bookings, and which doors can be accessed. And that’s it! Members can open doors at the tap of a button from their phone.

keyless access control WUN software screenshot

Through Yardi Kube all data from door access synchronizes with the entire platform. You can grant access and track usage for different members, companies, and spaces and bill through a single source. This saves significant time in having to chase the information from one place to another.

Schedule access to specific doors, book conference rooms, and monitor usage all in real time. It’s features like these that help your decision-making processes for improving your workspace. Combining door access control with a workspace management platform, positions your workspaces for optimal success. To find out more about Yardi Kube and Kisi integration, please click below.