Industries that Benefit from Coworking

Industries that Benefit from Coworking In 2016, the modern workforce is beginning to look for work environments that are inspiring and stimulating, that foster innovation and that provide opportunities for collaboration at an increasingly rapid rate. As a result, a growing number of Coworking spaces are emerging in cities throughout the country and around the […]

How Coworking Management Software Optimizes Efficiency

How Coworking Optimizes Efficiency The modern workforce, increasingly made up of freelancers, entrepreneurs and millennials, has different workplace expectations and values. Advances in technology have changed the future of work and when combined with the increase in untethered employees, a market for shared work spaces around the world has been created. Pointing to this rise […]

Yardi Kube’ Collaborative Workspace Technology Training

Yardi Kube’ Collaborative Training, a Better Way to Learn This week, Yardi Kube hosted a free interactive training session on the WUN HD Platform in Denver at YourOffice Business Centers.  The training series featured two days of interactive and collaborative training on the software, equipment and best practices necessary to ensure space managers and other […]

WUN Launches a New Client Communication Process

WUN Launches a New Client Communication Process Yardi Kube is continuing to grow to better meet the needs of our growing client base. We are excited to announce we are expanding our customer service platform and launched a new streamlined client communication initiative on August 22, 2016.  “We have implemented a concise automated system that […]

Staying Fit At Your Workspace

Staying Fit At Your Workspace It’s no secret that the sedentary lifestyle associated with sitting at a desk job from 9 – 5 can have negative effects on your health. Unfortunately, for most office employees this is the reality of their day. Enter the Coworking community! Workspaces have found solutions for socializing, dining and unwinding […]